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How Far Back Does Gun Control Go?

Posted on the 12 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
On a recent comment thread we had some wild suggestions concerning this question. Both Mike G. and Fat White Man suggested the preposterous notion that gun control goes all the way back to the Revolution. What is it with these guys and the Revolution, anyway?
Mike G.'s idea was that the Quakers represented the gun control of the day, which has been thoroughly and laughingly debunked here and here.
FWM had another take on it, no less silly in its own way. Says he, "The soldiers did not march on the Massachusetts countryside on April 19, 1775 to collect tea or sell tax stamps."
I questioned that one right away by asking if he believed that "any army involved in an armed conflict is a gun-control organization because they would like to disarm their opponents?" Hilarity ensued.
No, I'm afraid the gun-control movement is a modern phenomenon, much like its counterpart the gun-rights movement. Neither one has anything at all to do with the America of the late 18th Century, as much as the pro-gun folks would like it.
The bastardization of the 2nd Amendment, which normally requires leaving out the first three words (A well-regulated militia) and emphasizing the last four (shall not be infringed) was made complete only a couple years ago. But, as we all know, Justice Scalia acknowledged that some restrictions are acceptable. In other words, even he said the "shall not be infringed" part is bullshit.
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