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How Extracurricular Activities Fuel Overall Personality Development?

By The Shri Ram School

The term extracurricular activity refers to any kind of activity that is focused more on the overall character development of the child rather than just the course-based knowledge. Most schools give equal importance to both textual and physical education aspects of their curriculums, with more activities getting added to cater to different interests of students. Common sport activities like football, basketball, cricket to more creative avenues like theatre, music and dance schools are pulling out all stops to ensure that they leave no stone unturned for the ideal growth of their students. So, why are extracurricular activities so important?

Time Management

A lot of students understand the value of time management when they engage in extracurricular activities. Balancing both the strenuous work undertaken during any given extracurricular activity and other aspects like homework helps in building discipline and prioritising work according to time. Most topschools in Delhi encourage their students to divide their time wisely between their in-class assignments and other things like theater practice or football trials.

Exploring Interests

The best part about extracurricular activities is that students can explore their own interests in a thorough and more educative way. Getting to know about different techniques and learnings from their teachers and also building an interest in different sports and cultural activities can be beneficial once the child grows up. A lot of sports professionals or actors were discovered in school before they became famous, so the chances of your child excelling in his extracurricular activities are a lot!

Emotional balance

While the regular classroom syllabus helps in developing left side of the brain responsible for logic and reasoning, co-curricular activities helps developing right side of brain responsible for creativity and imagination. Students who are heavily invested in co-curricular activities have a high EQ and they can handle tough life situations way better than their other classmates.  

Leadership Skills

Whether you are the team captain of your cricket team or the director of the play in your theater group, the various opportunities provided by the best day boarding in Delhi and NCR helps the student grow his own leadership skills which might come handy in the future when they are pursuing career-based opportunities.  

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