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How Electron Spin May Help Organic Solar Cells Become Competitive

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Derick Ajumni
How Electron Spin May Help Organic Solar Cells Become Competitive Solar PV Research:
Organic solar cells are an upcoming type of solar cells that exploit plant photosynthetic pathways to produce energy--the problem with this technology is its low efficiency compared with normal and more expensive silicon cells.
To compare this further, organic solar cells achieve 12% efficiency conversion of light into electricity--while silicon-based cells convert at 20% to 25%. That is a beat down! So Dr. Akshay Rao, a Research Fellow at the Cavendish Laboratory and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, lead a study with colleagues Philip Chow and Dr. Simon Gélinas to study this further. They published their discovery in the journal 'Nature' in which they manipulated the 'spin' of electrons in both solar cells, and reported their findings.
This research dramatically improved the performance of these solar sells providing a vital breakthrough in the pursuit of cheap, high performing solar power technologies. Dr. Akshay Rao--said in a statement: "This discovery is very exciting, as we can now harness spin physics to improve solar cells, something we had previously not thought possible. We should see new materials and solar cells that make use of this very soon". (reference)
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