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How Dogs Mirror Their Owner’s Mood

By Ty Watson

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are great companions, friends, and even protectors. If you adopt a dog, your life will become more positive. Get ready for a waterfall of emotions every day and an opportunity to abstract from negative emotions. The main secret is that dogs are good empaths. They almost always know when you feel bad or upset about something. How dogs mirror their owner's mood? Let's find out this secret.

How Dogs Mirror Their Owner’s Mood

How Such Pets Can Show Empathy

The fact is that dogs are quite intelligent creatures. Many studies show that many breeds have intellectual abilities like a 2-3 years old child. Dogs have a well-developed sixth sense. In addition, such animals lead a social lifestyle and are very attached to the owner. That is why your dog will mirror your emotions. Here are some behavioral patterns you should know about.

Touching & Licking

This format of interaction is the most common. Dogs can rest their head on your lap, lick you, or touch the tip of their nose to your hand. Such actions are a mirror reaction to your mood. It is worth noting that dogs react similarly to all stressful situations, wanting to help the owner.

Giving Some Space

Sometimes pets can go to another room or lie farther, thereby giving more space to the owner. This behavior is typical when you express dissatisfaction or are sad about something. That is why dogs are rightfully called companions.

Distraction Method

Your pet will always be active when you need moral support. The distraction method is extremely common among many breeds. Your pet will try to get your attention, thereby helping you be abstract from a bad mood. As a rule, dogs try to do everything to make their owners at least a little easier.

This is why it is important to always thank your pet. Plus, you don't need to buy expensive toys or spend a lot of money on marbled meat and other delicacies. Choose the cheapest puppy food that contains all the vitamins and minerals. Let this treat be gratitude for your dog's empathy.

Can They Understand When You Are Ill?

Dogs can sense their owner's scent change. When we are sick, our body undergoes small changes. Even if you shower and use deodorant, your pet can smell that you feel bad. Some breeds can detect emotions on a person's face. Plus, your voice is a great indicator of your emotional state. That is why your dog can almost always understand when you feel bad, or you are sick. If this happens, your pet will spend a longer time with you. At the same time, many individuals can lie motionless for hours near the sick owner.

Can They Understand When You Are Happy?

Now you know that dogs smell your scent very well. When you're in a great mood, your hormone levels are high. Animals sense these changes and automatically mirror your emotions. If you laugh and run around the room, then your pet will do the same. Get ready for your pet to be playful, fun, and cheerful. Plus, dogs are good at picking up friendly intonations. It doesn't matter what you say. If you feel very good, then your pet will experience similar emotions.

How Dogs Mirror Their Owner’s Mood

Can They Understand When You Are Stressed?

Stress is accompanied by elevated levels of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol. As you already know, dogs are excellent at smelling changes due to increased hormone levels. In addition, these animals are excellent at identifying emotional speech and harsh gestures. This is why you can see how your pet mirrors your stress. Typically, your dog can lie down somewhere nearby and even whine a little. Sometimes your pet may do this unconsciously. Typically, these emotions are meant to support you. Your pet shows that you are not alone in this way.

Does the Breed Affect the Level of Empathy?

Almost all dogs are good empaths. But there is a so-called companion dog group. If you want to see the most pronounced mirrored emotions and compassion, then you should adopt French bulldogs, King Charles spaniels, or pugs. However, German Shepherds or Labradors are also great in identifying the emotions of the owner. It is worth noting that dogs are capable of empathy even at a young age. This is why even a puppy will be able to identify your mood.

Final Words

So, your hormone-related scent is the main trigger for canine empathy. Another important set of aspects is your emotions, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Dogs mirror the owner's mood on a subconscious level, trying to provide support. Positive emotions are a kind of desire to increase your joy and desire for active play. This is why dogs are such popular pets.

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