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How Does Double Glazing Work?

By John Lawless @BestHeatingUK
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How Does Double Glazing Work?

It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right windows for your home. All the different styles available to us can make it quite difficult knowing which ones to purchase. It is a crucial step homeowners take to improve the comfort of their property and reduce energy bills.

There are many things to consider when finding the ideal window, including function, materials and features. As much as 20% of the heat in your home can be lost through your windows. Double Glazing is the typical alternative most of us go for, as these are designed to combat everything from condensation, energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Thinking of replacing your windows? We have shared all you need to know about how Double glazing works to help make your decision a little easier…

What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazing windows are made up of two panes of glass, with a gap between them which is generally 16mm wide. This cavity creates an insulating barrier to shield against cold weather and reduce the amount of heat loss. As a result, this means you don’t have to use as much heating but will also save on your energy bills.

Double glazing windows are a cost-effective but environmentally friendly alternative, offering an array of benefits. By replacing your home with double glazing, you can enjoy longer lasting windows, with a typical lifetime of around 20 years. What’s more, you can experience excellent insulation and beauty at the same time.

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Does Double Glazing Work?

Many people like to know if Double glazing is as effective as it sounds. There are plenty of benefits Double glazing can provide, including improved energy efficiency, reduced sound pollution and money saving.

The two layers of double glazing are separated by a layer of argon gas which creates an insulating layer that acts as a heat protector and noise barrier. It helps to keep homes warmer as well as improve your security.

Another quality of Double glazing is that they are designed to compliment your home inside and out. In addition, this will add value and style to your home that’ll last for decades.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

The cost of double glazing varies depending on size, style and window type. The average cost of double glazing is between £400 and £600 per window. So it normally would cost approximately £2,000 to install 4 double glazed windows in a flat and between £4,800 and £7,200 for your standard UK home.

The benefit of Double glazing is that you’ll retain 10% more heat in your home, meaning that the cost of your central heating will be reduced. So in the longer term, you will save money on your energy bills.

Looking to add that premium touch to your home? With double glazing, you will be able to improve the comfort, security and appearance of your home at the same time. It provides an effective solution for keeping your home warmer in the winter, safer and quieter.

Not to mention, you’ll also save on your energy bills, while double glazing is able to reduce heat radiated inside by the sun. So no need to spend a fortune on central heating bills. Choosing high-quality double glazing will enhance the appeal of your property the right way, so you’ll definitely impress your guests on the occasion!

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