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How Do You Like Your Content?

Posted on the 17 October 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

I was reading the article Morgan Linton wrote about domain blogs and it kind of fit in with an article I started on over the weekend. How do you like your content?

Morgan was specifically talking about a Twitter conversation about Bitcoin and Domaining, that was being had by Rick Schwartz and Konstantinos from

Do crypto and domaining dovetail? Are they separate animals that are coming together because both are digital based concepts?

The conversation went off onto some tangents about no one should tell someone what to write about as others chimed in.

Here’s the thing, there is an inherent beauty about online publishing. Your traffic and engagement tells you if what you are doing works.

Now one also has to look at the purpose of the publication. I see things as one of three categories:

The blog is a business

There are multiple tasks to running this kind of publication. You have to create content that readers like and come back for, you have to generate ad revenue, and make sure advertisers are happy with your relationship with them. This blog is a business, that’s the point of this blog, there is content created, advertising relationships forged and readership numbers that are significant.

If any of those things fail, then something needs to get tweaked. This blog has written about things that are outside the scope of domaining since it’s inception. We have written more articles about crypto than any other blog in the space. Reason being Mike and I always felt that those interested in domain names might also have some interest or curiosity about something like crypto.

Domainers tend to be those that take risks on something digital and crypto is another digital alternative. I do believe the depth to domain names far exceeds those just buying and selling crypto.

Domain names give you the opportunity to buy a name for $10 and sell it for $2,000,$10,000, $50,000 etc… it’s a unique opportunity. When I bought for $30 and sold it for $4,200, no one else had that opportunity, it was unique, we all can buy BTC at $5,000 and hope it goes up, none of us can buy it for one price and get a 10 x multiple without taking on the risk that the price could go lower, on top of that everyone can participate equally.

But back to the business of blogging, we have been writing about crypto for over 3 1/2 years. 13 pages.

The traffic and engagement on those articles has been good, the recent articles by Daryl Naidoo our writer focused on crypto have done exceptionally well. If the traffic was poor we might have stopped posting.

Now there are some people who say, “Wtf with all the crypto stuff, write about domains.” They have every right to express their feelings, but from a publisher standpoint the majority of the reception has been positive. Same thing when we have written about e-commerce or advertising the traffic has been very good.

So for us here at variety has made sense. It has been received well from readers, it brings in other readers outside the community which introduces them to our advertisers which they may have never heard of before. This enables them to be introduced to escrow companies, alternative domain choices, etc…


A blogger who posts infrequently has no obligation to anyone, they don’t care about the traffic numbers and might just write for themselves. I have spoken to bloggers outside domaining who expressed that exact sentiment.

They wrote for themselves, they like to write and if anyone else joins in, that’s gravy.

So the breadth of topics is sure to be all over the place.

Brand Blogging

Some are blogging to promote their personal or offline brand, someone who is a public speaker is probably going to be laser focused on what they get paid to talk about in the real world.

The one topic that I have seen cause a great deal of negativity and promises of unfollowing, blocking, never reading again, is politics. This does not take place in the blogosphere but on the social media accounts of blogs. I have seen it on both the left and right.

I don’t think most in domaining really knew the political stances of many of those they followed for years, until 2016. I have had people tell me when brokering a name, no libtards, or no white supremacists. That remains the topic that will start a fire and can possibly harm a publication, at least in my opinion.

So give your vote and your thoughts, how do you like your content?

How do you like your content? I want domaining content only I like a variety of domaining/tech topics It’s all good Other Please Specify:


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