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How Do You Know When Coaching Works?

Posted on the 04 May 2012 by Combi31 @combi31

How do you know when coaching works?

This is a question that anyone involved in coaching – from both sides – client and coach wonder about.

There is a thread on LinkedIn with the same title that is well commented, some are a bit too eclectic for my liking but others I can connect quite easily with and understand.

I think that the question is too complex for one, single answer.

Every coaching contract that we embark upon is different – we are dealing with people, after all.

That said, I am coaching a person at the moment – we are 60% through the contract at present.

In the last session, he told me that he has realised – although I stress this from the start – that the coaching, although sponsored by his company – is for himself and that when he works on himself, the knock-on effect will naturally trigger improvements in his professional life.

I suppressed the desire to shout Eureka …. but I think this is, in this particular context, a sign that coaching has worked, by heightening a person’s consciousness and awareness of their own development process – that will do for me.

It would be interesting for our readers to read what you feel is a sign that Coaching has worked – please comment and share.

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How do you know when coaching works?
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