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How Do You Get into This Thing?

By Told By Design @toldbydesign

Only a careless mind -in terms of object appreciation- would turn a "priceless 14th century crematory urn" into a lamp, by "drilling a hole in the bottom" to wire it.
This little scene describes the kind of client Jan Morrow (Doris Day), as an interior decorator, deals with everyday.
In the film, she also deals with Brad Allen (Rock Hudson), whose stature gets him in trouble while trying to get into a MG TF model car.
Apart from this two scenes shown in the clip, the film has really interesting visual inputs among Doris Day wardrobe and the set decoration (including the final interior design).

How do you get into this thing?
More links on Pillow Talk's fashion design and the interiors decoration.

- Mrs. Walters, be careful. This is priceless.
- Really? What is it?
- A 14th century crematory urn.
- A crematory urn? Is anybody in it?
- Not at the moment.
- Good. Then we can drill a hole in the bottom without anyone running out.
- A hole?
- So we can wire it for a lamp.
- Mrs. Walters, we do not wire 14th century crematory urns.
- I suppose not.

Jan Morrow (Doris Day) - Oh, that's it.
Brad Allen (Rock Hudson) - This bitty thing? Back home we got jackrabbits bigger than this... How do you get into this thing?
JM - Well, it's a little bit tricky, I think you'd better put your right leg in first... Now sit down.
BA - Where?
JM - On the seat.
BA - Yeah.
JM - Can't you get the other leg in?
BA - I hope so. I'd hate to leave without it.
JM - Can you drive?
BA - I think I can manage the steer, but someone'll have to do the pedals.
JM - We should call a cab.
BA - I think so, too.
JM - Alright.
BA - Ma'am... You might have to call the automobile club to help me out of this.

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