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How Do We Calibrate Machine Accomplishments?

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
A Korean Go master is defeated by a computer for the second time:
#سوريا #حمص #حلب Google AI wins second Go game - Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence project beats the wo... — Aws (@awsyrian1) March 10, 2016

And we've got the NYTimes calling a debate, once again, on AI: Does AlphaGo Mean Artificial Intelligence Is the Real Deal? Are we going to rehash this debate every-freakin' time a computer does something interesting? And how can we have a debate about the "real dealness" of AI when we barely know what intelligence is?
Meanwhile my Twitter feed also coughed-up this little clip of humanoid robots failing:
Well, we had it coming — HighTechPanda (@HighTechPanda) February 25, 2016

The interesting thing there is that they got far enough to fail.
Whatever it is that makes the human mind so special, it walks, talks, plays Go, and a million other things. These computers, interesting as they are, are specializes, very narrow specialists. So chillax! The Terminator is not around the corner.

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