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How Do Spider Mites Spread to Your Indoor Garden?

By Stoopidj @spidermitehq
Spider Mites in your grow room

Horrible infestation

In nearly every garden, you will eventually run into pests.  Spider mites happen to be one of the most harmful and annoying predators in an indoor garden.

The first question everyone always asks is, “How do I kill spider mites?”

While this is a critical question, it is not the proper first question.  The first question you should ask is, “How do spider mites spread to my indoor garden?”  It is far easier to prevent spider mites from entering your grow area than it is to fight them once they show up.

How do spider mites spread?

  1. Spider Mites or spider mite eggs came one the plants when you bought them.
  2. Spider mite eggs came in with the soil if it wasn’t properly pasteurized.
  3. YOU brought spider mites in with you after being outside.
  4. Your pets brought spider mites in.
  5. Spider mites enter through openings in room such as ventilation system.

How  to  prevent spider mites from entering your indoor garden.

In order to keep spider mites from entering your indoor

Labcoat for your closed grow environment

You should wear a labcoat when entering your Grow Room.

garden you are going to need to be very, very clean.  The number one way spider mites enter your garden is through uncleanliness, either on dirty shoes, dirty plants, dirty animals etc.  So clean and clean often.

  1. Clean your room between every crop.
  2. Change shoes before entering your room.
  3. Change clothes or wear a lab coat when going into your Closed Grow Environment
  4. Use a HEPA type filter over all air intakes.
  5. Seal all holes with a caulking.
  6. Use weather stripping on doors.
  7. Seal your entire room with Panda Film.
  8. Turn your Grow Room into a Closed Grow Environment.


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