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How Digital HandyCams Works

By Abhirup Lahiri @tweetabhirup

Hello, to all my students-Blog enthusiast-friends & dear all readers this is my intro publication & I am so excited to be a part of your world.
To introduce myself a little, I am simple guy who take interest in Film-Making/Editing - Journalism - New Era Online Technology lessions etc. I love to discuss & guide as per my knowledge to all my young film-video makers/editors . By profession along with my production works , I do teach at media colleges / schools , this time I took the opportunity to advance my reach to a wider students/creative enthusiasts via this platform called '' Abhirup'sBlog '' .
I would definitely feel lucky if my effort to Value education - help you to better understand & enable you for a better future .
In this Blog post I will familiarise you on the Basic Topic discussing on '' How Digital Handy Cams Works ''
In most of the counties - worldwide, Camcorders or handheld Digital Cams( like cybershots) have been a familiar sight for the last two decades . People feel easy to carry at birthday parties - seminars - events - family reunions and even births , even when you go to a popular tourist spot, you are surrounded by them. This device have really taken hold of our daily life as because they are an extremely useful piece of technology under the threshold of your budget .
It's simply amazing that full-HD quality digital cameras are now readily available as consumer items, and that they're so comfy to use.
In my next publication I will detailed with '' How can such a small device do so much? ''.
we'll look inside these extremely popular devices to find out what exactly is going on. We'll
explore traditional analog camcorders and also look at the technology used in today's HD digital cameras.
- Abhirup
I have a sample Birthday Video to show how a simple handy-cam can be so useful for  social event shoot and then to Edit using Adobe Premiere (Setup) .

Signing off as for today, if you like this article do rate it - share the Blog content to your friends - there is a comment box down below please do leave your opinion-suggestions-request for any topic-or question from any students is highly appreciable , I feel good to answer them .

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