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How Couples Should Talk About Money Matters

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

Here we are trying to learn to talk about money, and learn to align their financial goals. And to keep their relationship solid ground.If are married or living together, it's almost a guarantee that you have had a big money fight. One of the biggest causes of relationship problems are the differences in values and goals and habits when it comes to money, especially communication about money problems.

How to Talk About Money Matters

For anyone in a relationship, money is not something you should talk, is an issue that you need to cover together. In fact, many of the arguments that couples can have, fights over money have proven to be the best predictors of divorce rather than disputes about sex! Also please go through our article related to the same subject: How Couples Should Manage Finances / Budget Together.

How Couples Should Talk About Money Matters

1. Keep Regular Talks About Current And Long Term Financial Goals

"Forget pillow talk. Talking about finances and the future can be an intimate conversation"

Money is an intimate subject. While many couples do not have a problem talking about what they love to buy or how life could change in the event of winning the lottery, getting down to dollars and cents a day is much more difficult.

Before getting to the details of who buys the groceries and who pays the utility bills, take a look at your overall vision together. I've come up with six steps to help you define each person economically and provide the basis for planning short, medium and long term.

2. Gather Financial Documents

Collect necessary documentation in advance, such as bank statements, budgets, tax returns and credit reports.

3. Remove Emotions From Financial Talk

  • Don 't use emotional language, accusatory or inflammatory. Use non-violent communication.
  • Don 't blame the other person or even be negative critical.
  • Simply talk about your financial goals, developing a plan to reach these goals, the development of a system for dealing with finances, etc..
  • Also, try not to feel like you're under attack, if the other person to talk about your goals or habits - is this an open discussion, and if you feel under attack, stop and take a breath and remember that this is not 't a discussion about you personally, but in how the two are going to meet their goals. Again, think of this as a team effort, not an individual effort.

4. Declare Rules Of Engagement

It is not uncommon for a party to be more interested in finance than the other. That's fine, but decisions about money is a two person job. Daily decisions about how to spend or save is much easier when you are on the same page.

5. Honesty and Commitment

Yes,these are the two keys to money management happy, and Palmer argue two exercises. The first is to dump money: both partners come clean with all of your debt, excessive spending, financial control issues, banking, etc. .. Then, without judging or insisting your partner to change his / her money personality, to discuss how to move forward without shouting, accusing or degrading each other.
You have the same goals and you want the other to be happy. Team members can help each other and encourage each other, or they may tear the team apart from being negative, blaming, working to common goals. If you always keep a positive attitude, you will succeed as a team. Be encouraged, stay focused on solutions not guilty, and make sure that love is the foundation of everything you do.

6. Establish Common Goals In Mind

Each important to talk about money should always review the goals you and your partner share.Do you want to buy a house in the next five years, or perhaps have a baby? Registration on these big-picture objectives will ensure that both stay on the same page and keep you motivated to save enough to reach them.But even if that is not the case that your dreams and goals should be the basis of a finance plan together.

7. Keep Emergency Fund

Always try to build and maintain an emergency fund for invisible expenses or events such as job loss. The last thing you need when going through a difficult transition is the stress of worrying about money.

Conclusion Of all ingredients Keys ( stay happy ...)

If you have never had a frank talk money with your honey, hope you are convinced to do so now. The burden of heavy clouds unresolved money issues destroys many relationships. By talking openly about finances and work together to resolve outstanding issues and achieve their goals, The two of you will be richer in ways that are not just reflected in their account balances.

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