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How Cash Back Casino Program Works?

Posted on the 26 July 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

Casino bonusesIn more and more online casinos, the “Cash back” is also offered as a bonus option. However, this bonus can be very misleading as many online casinos call a certain loyalty program “cash-back”. We want to tell you the difference between a real cash back bonus and a cash back bonus program.

What Is A Cash Back Casino?

Casinos that offer a so-called cash back want to protect you from the fact that you go completely without money from the casino. This can happen once: a bit too brave set or gone in the poker game all-in, and you’re already loose your money! Many online casinos, therefore, offer a 10% cash back. This means that if you bet 100 euros and lose everything, you get 10 euros back in the end anyway!

However, many of these cash back bonuses are related to specific assignments and conditions. This means that you will not get the cash back directly at every loss in any casino, but that it is linked to sales conditions or certain games. We, therefore, advise you to carefully examine the terms of the contract before filing! Intermediate players know: sometimes it is worth to do without the bonus even!

Some casinos even offer a cash back on a weekly basis. With these online providers, you do not have to lose your entire deposit, but automatically gets back a certain amount of money to play back. In this respect, the cash back bonus also has a lot of similarity with a constantly repeated welcome bonus. However, care should be taken to ensure that the sales conditions are much tougher.

Sometimes the activations of the individual bonuses also close. So if you want to use the cash back bonus, you have to check in your player account whether it is combinable and if so, whether it is worth it. In some casinos, you can opt for the cash back bonus or the welcome bonus. These offers must be checked with eagle eyes, as you end up in the end otherwise overlooked conditions or missed possibilities.

Cash Back Bonus Program

The Cash back bonus program is something different. It is offered by many casinos who want to reward their players for their loyalty. It works quite similarly, like the cash back bonus. You get points for a certain number of chips you use. This can vary from casino to casino and from game to game. As an example: in an online casino, you get a point for 10 chips in the games Jackpots, Video Poker or Fun Games.

For each accumulated point, you get a fixed amount of money. Here too, every online casino has its own exchange rates for the respective cash back program. But this does not happen automatically! A condition for the exchange of the cash back points into real money or game money: one must reach a minimum turnover.

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Find The Best Cash Back Bonus

The best cash back bonus is just as difficult or easy to find as the best Welcome Bonus. It all depends on what your personal preferences are, and, of course, what is in the online casino’s terms of service. Note: Online casinos have no money to give away. There is always something to consider. To which we explain here:

Is A Hook In The Cash Back Bonus?

As with every bonus, here too, one should always read the user’s requirements on the part of the online casino to the program. In principle, you should make sure that the games you really want to play are also included in the bonus. Some games – mostly table games and classics like blackjack and roulette – are excluded from the bonus scheme. So before you are disappointed, pay attention! In principle, one can say: Games that do not have a high house advantage and do not bring much money to the casino, are excluded from cash back bonuses. But this can be different from supplier to supplier.

In addition, you should keep an eye on all sales conditions and limitations. There are no precise regulations. Some online casinos allow a maximum cash back bonus of up to €100, others up to €500 a month. But something you can only know if you have exactly the general terms of the contract!

Will I Already Be In The Situation To Fulfill The Revenue Conditions?

Adding the terms and conditions of a single casino is not an easy decision and you should take it seriously. Once you have looked at the Cash back program of an online casino, you have to calculate how much you have to bet to pay the cash back. If your own pocket can handle that, then nothing stands in the way. But it makes no sense to sign up for an online casino just because you want the cash back bonus – and then you do not have to go through the whole program! Other factors that should really be taken into account in this decision are the quality of the casino, the design, other advantages and whether your own favorite games are in the portfolio at all.

How Are Cash Back Bonus Payments Permitted?

Because every online casino provider works according to their own rules, you should first know your personal preferences and then compare the best casinos. Some casinos offer a weekly cash back bonus, while others work on a more conservative, monthly basis. So you should get to know the timing of the casino before you register in a casino.

Is The Cash Back Bonus Always In Casino?

While some casinos have integrated the cash back bonus into their offer and become a central factor on their platform, there are others who offer it only at certain times and days a month. In addition, you have to pay attention when and which games are activated for the cash back bonus – even this can change now and then and from casino to casino! If you are looking for a regular cash back payment, you should avoid short-term offers that only lead the offer a few times a year.

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Cash Back Bonus: Does It Work?

The nice thing about the cash back bonus is, of course, that you can never go without money from the casino. However, it is quite possible that this bonus is not payable. This means you get money on your player account, but you can not convert it into real money again, but just continue to play with it.

It is also quite possible that the turnover of the bonus is linked to the sales conditions before the profits can be paid off. As a player, you should be informed in any case before you choose the online casino according to this criterion.

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