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How Are Upholstered Bed-heads Made in Sydney?

By Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140

To up the cosiness factor of a bed, you should have an upholstered bed-head. There are many companies that can help you make upholstered bed-heads in Sydney.

The things these companies in Sydney use for making upholstered bed-heads include ½ inch plywood cut to specific size, 1 inch foam, fabric, nail-head trim and batting. They first cut the plywood to size with saw. They then lay foam on floor and place wood on top of it. Tracing outline of board into foam and then cutting it with the utility knife is the next important thing these companies do. They also make sure to repeat this second step with batting, adding some inches on each of the sides so that they can pull batting over the plywood's edge while securing it.

Adhering foam to plywood using spray adhesive is the next thing they do. But these professional companies make sure to let it dry. Then they centre batting on foam's top, flip the bed-head over so that batting is on floor. Attaching to backside of plywood with staple gun pulling it tautly is something that's considered to be very essential while upholstering the bed-heads.

How Are Upholstered Bed-heads Made in Sydney?

The fabric is then affixed to the bed-head. This is done by flipping the bed-head again so that it is right side up. If there are any wrinkles, the fabric is ironed using clamps for holding it in its place if needed. The bed-head is then flipped back so that fabric is on floor. Starting at top centre & pulling tightly, the fabric is stapled to wood. When the corners are reached, the fabric is folded neatly. After the entire bed-heads gets covered, excess fabric is trimmed.

The bed-head is then flipped right side up again. After this, the companies line up nail-head trim in straight line starting from bottom of a side and working the way up. Nail heads are tapped in with mallet. The bed head is then attached to wall by screwing 2 D-rings to back of plywood & hanging them from the hooks or screws in the wall.

Are you looking for custom made bed heads in Sydney? Get it done from Authentic Upholstery. All their bed heads are custom made. They work with their customers to create exactly what they are looking for.

As a customer, all you need to do is send Authentic Upholstery a brief about what you want to achieve along with the details of the fabric, its size, your postcode and they shall send you the quote accordingly. If you want, you can also send them an image that you have seen in the magazine or a sketch that you've created yourself by scanning it.

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