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HOURUNIVERSE May Take Place in June

By Attireclub @attireclub

A few months ago, it was announced that a brand new watch and jewelry show called HOURUNIVERSE would take place in Basel. The event was met with mixed reactions, some voices expressing enthusiasm for the project, while others not being excited by it, being fearful that it would only repeat the mistakes of the former Basel watch show, Baselworld. It can be said though, that Basel has had a watch fair for over a century and that the event has reinvented itself a multitude of times, all of which have been successful (up to a point), which could mean that the new fair could very well be a success.

In the context of the world being under lockdown and uncertainty, the MCH Group, who is in charge of the event, announced that it would push forward with the event, even though many other similar endeavors announced that they would simply not take place. After much speculation, it was announced that HOURUNIVERSE would take place between 8-12 April 2021, right after the Catholic Easter holidays.

It was definitely a bold move on the part of the MCH Group and showed that they wanted to be seen as "doers" rather than "talkers".

Later on, as the world entered into 2021, it seemed that new lockdowns were on the way and that new restrictions were applied by local authorities around the world. Given this situation, the organizers of the event announced that the first of edition of the new watch and jewelry fair may be postponed to June. No clear information was given as to whether it would really move to the summer or not, but so far it seems that the Messe Basel buildings won't open in April.

Those who were excited about the event were definitely bummed about the news, but at the same time, a move towards the summer may be a good idea; it could bring more people to the fair, things may be done in a safer way, and it would even allow the organizers some time to put things together that will wow the worldwide watch community.

The world as a whole is currently hanging by a thread and finds itself in a state best characterized as "foggy". Thus, it may be a good idea to move an event to June - who knows, by then things may be on a better track for the event organizing industry.

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