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Hour Father…

By Richardl @richardlittleda

…who changes not

Last Tuesday morning I woke to a freezing cold morning in North Yorkshire. The hedge outside was laced with frozen dew like dainty white Christmas decorations. The ploughed field behind the hedge had little whitecaps on each furrow where the settling dew had frozen on the tops, and beyond that the countryside disappeared into a rolling bank of freezing fog. Camera in hand, I set off for a walk into the countryside. Everything, from trees in the mist, to a frozen spider’s web, to the hedgerow, even to a puddle in the farm track, took on a new beauty in the frost. [Click on each word to see the photos].

However, it is the two photos below which interest me especially. They are separated by just one hour, and yet they are radically different.  Take a careful look. The old barn is the same, the set of its battered roof is the just so, and the ivy still tumbles around the round window in just the same way. Nothing has moved, altered or changed in any way except the view.


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When life is testing, it doesn’t take much for God to slip from view, like the barn above. God, like the barn, is still there. He is as solid, intriguing and reassuring as He ever was, only our view is changed. This is a truth best stated before the mist rolls in, for afterwards it may be hard to recollect it.

Maybe you need to remember it today…or to remind someone of it?

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