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Houdini Kids

By Newsanchormom

I met a mom today with two-year-old twins and she needs your help! Her girls are strong enough to unlatch the big red button on the car seats and get out. She said she will be driving down the highway and all of the sudden they are walking around the van! Yikes! She even went out and bought very nice and expensive new car seats by Peg Perego! She asked me if I had any ideas. I tried unlatching the car seats. It wasn't easy. I can't believe those little girls are so clever! If anyone has a suggestion for her, please let me know!
Houdini Kids
I found this suggestion from Car

You can try calling the
manufacturer of your carseat to see if they have a buckle that requires more force to release, or a 2-piece chest clip instead of a "paperclip-style" chest clip. Using a seatbelt yourself sets a good example. Refusing to put the car in motion unless the child stays in their restraint is another. Also, try to keep your child entertained or distracted if possible, and NEVER make an exception and allow them not to use their child restraint. For severe cases, you can try a safety vest by E-Z-On (800-323-6598) that may be more difficult to remove.
-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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