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Hotel Industry Standards (For The Confused): -Standard ...

By Jillofalltrades @JillDeTrabajos
Hotel Industry Standards (For The Confused):
-Standard check-in time is 3 pm, standard check-out time is 11 am.  Not the opposite.
-You absolutely must provide a card for incidentals, even if the room/tax is prepaid.  Don't travel without owning a credit or debit card, it's just a terrible idea in this world.
-It is a firm social rule that you tip bellstaff.  Like waitstaff, they rely on tips for their basic income.
-It is special to have free coffee, wifi, breakfast, parking, toothpaste, water bottles, and/or chocolates.  Never be surprised if you have to pay for any of these things.
-Although they are the ones you'd speak with to solve the problem, keep in mind that noisy room neighbors are not the front desk's fault.
-Neither is the weather.  Or inconvenient movie theater locations.  Or traffic.  Or parades.  Or poor service at a local restaurant.  Or stains in your pants.  Or when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
-Acting like an asshole does not, contrary to the information in that worldwide memo that must have been sent out, get you better service.  It gets you a half-assed and half-hearted attempt to calm you, which sometimes includes a discount or a free upgrade, but it will never get you love.  And you squeeze a hell of a lot more free shit out of a front desk agent when she loves you.
Hopefully this has been helpful.  Now get out there and travel, folks! 
Have YOU hugged a front desk agent today?

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