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Hot Off The Press: Mediterranean Bean Burgers

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
For my 2nd MOFO piece with Vegan Mainstream, I've got a brand-new recipe for you guys.  I don't even think it will make it into my next book, it's that new.  But I wish it would, because our family now loves these Mediterranean Bean Burgers.
Hot Off The Press: Mediterranean Bean Burgers
Made gluten-free and soy-free, and zhuzhed up with Mediterranean flavors including fresh oregano (use fresh! it makes a difference!), garlic, and olives.  These are simps to make too, guys.  Whiz up in your food processor, form into patties, and on to the pan they go.
Hot Off The Press: Mediterranean Bean Burgers
Our whole family loves these burgers, especially our olive-infatuated daughter.  She'll look to choose the patties with the most olives, and I'll be a total softie and pluck the odd olive out of my own burger and give it to her with those puppy eyes.  Hmmm, would she so willingly share her ice cream with me???  Ok, back to the burgers.  These are also made without any added oil (oil from the olives excepted, but the kalamata olives pack a flavor punch), really not worth skipping!
Ok, 'nuff of my talking, link to the 'never-before-published' recipe, and get those burgers prepped for tonight!

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