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"Hot Mess."

By Momfashionlifestyle @Fashnlifestyle

“Hot Mess.”

I seriously cannot believe it is the middle of June, and the Summer 2012! Oh, how time flies! But before you go frolicking on the beach, read this seasons Top Summer Fashion Faux Pas and avoid being that “hot mess” people are talking about! And be sure to check out “How to End Up on the Worst Dressed List” {seen here}. 

Why is it, that as we transition into warmer weather, Americans end up “letting themselves go”?  Men have love handles over their swim shorts or an overabundance of chest hair, and women dress as if they are adolescents. 

{You don’t wanna end up like this guy!}

My number one is skimping in places where you should not be skimping! It doesn’t matter your age or size… {this problem can happen to size zeros}, if your sides look like muffin tops and your spilling out, don’t wear it! 

This also pertains to shorts/skirts so short that the crease underneath your butt shows (unless of course you’re at a Miami Beach night club or Britney Spears… then have at it}.

Another thing to avoid is the dreaded “Underboob”…. this is not acceptable with a bra or a swimsuit!… Go get fitted by a bra specialist at your local Macy’s or Nordstrom, they have the item in your size I promise. 

Next up is overdoing the fake tanner and/or bronzer. Get a shade that fits with your skin tone, and remember moderation is the key! America does not need another cast for the Jersey Shore and we definitely didn’t need the first one!

I will have to say the number one problem for men in Summer is the overabundance of  un-groomed body hair. Just because the weather is warmer, our views on seeing your body hair do NOT change. If you’re not into shaving or waxing…. go out and buy a trimmer! Seriously. Do yourself {and us!} the favor. 

{Remember this list is a guideline to dressing for Summer…}

Do you have any fun Summer plans?? I’m looking forward to some much needed R&R in Vegas in a few weeks :-)

Happy Hump Day!

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