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Hot Corn Dip

By Lemon_sugar
Hot Corn Dip

Who doesn't love a good dip, right? In fact, I'm getting to the stage in my life when a good dip (or lack thereof) can make or break a good party. Now, exactly what that says about me is not the issue right now, but what I know for 100% sure is that this dip is yum. o.

I've had Trisha Yearwood's Home Cooking cookbook for a couple of years, and I have to tell you that I had some serious doubts about her back when I first opened the book. I was certain she was just another celebrity that decided to write a cookbook one day because it was the cool thing to do.

But I was wrong. This chica can cook.

Ok, if I'm still being skeptical, I could say that whoever she paid to write and publish the book for her can cook. Or, at least come up with some good recipes.

But I won't be that person. I'll give her props. I believe what she's dishin' out.

'Cause this is some tasty stuff.

Hot Corn Dip

What I love most about this dip is that it's a very simple recipe. It has a very fresh taste hidden behind all of the ooey-gooey cheese, and it's a nice change from the traditional party dips that you see time and time again.

I seriously spent more time grating cheese than I did putting the rest of the dip together, and within 10 minutes it was in the oven, getting all melty and perfect. When you top the cheese and corn with tomatoes, onions and cilantro, it's another layer of flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

You can make this in a slow cooker and keep it warm all night - just sprinkle the veggie garnishes on top of the pot after the cheese melts. Feel free to play with the flavors - add some roasted red peppers, some chilies in adobo sauce, some jalapeno - whatever you like. I know it's hard to believe that mayo, cheese and corn baked together could possibly be anything special, but apparently something magical happens in the oven, 'cause it's fantastic.

Hot Corn Dip

I like to bake mine in a deep pie plate, but any small, oven-proof dish will work. You can serve it with tortilla chips, Fritos, even crackers - but I definitely prefer a nice, salty yellow corn tortilla chip.

If you're looking for something a little different for your next party, give this one a try. Hope you love it!


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Hot Corn Dip

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