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By Madmel @melmo72
 Someone once said that a sneeze was like an orgasm.  This was a misquote of a remark made by a famous television sex therapist and has since been scientifically refuted, but it got me thinking about another involuntary response that's just as therapeutic: laughter.  I'm not saying you should carry a change of clothes everywhere you go, just in case you happen to overhear a well-timed zinger while waiting for your morning train, but to me, a good giggle fit (induced by the right person) is akin to foreplay.  I would much rather spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in with a funny guy than with a man who thinks mega earnestness is an access all areas pass.  Yes, I want to know your thoughts on globalization and marriage equality, (and if you DON'T support the latter, the deal is off), but who wants to get romantic with the six o'clock news playing on an endless loop in the background?  Another great thing about humor is that it can't be faked.  Sure, there are as many variances on what people find funny as there are actual people in the world, but unfunny is the universal equivalent of a cold shower.  A good rule of thumb when trying to spot a faker on a dating site, (if you haven't yet discovered that dating sites are full of them and should be avoided like shaking hands with a dysenteric hobo), is not to believe the guys who say 'All my friends say I'm funny.'  Generally speaking, they're not, and their friends are either sadists or idiots.
There is a direct correlation between humor and intelligence.  Any idiot can jump up on stage on improv night and make fun of celebrities, it's too easy.  It takes genuine wit and observation to wail on yourself and the world around you without having to consult TMZ for material.  To all you doubters who argue that women always say they look for a sense of humor above anything else, but throw that consideration out the window when it comes to making their choice, I submit my list of current comic crushes, in no particular order. Make of it what you will.
Ray William Johnson
Jason Bateman (okay, he's an actor, but he's still damn funny)
Zach Braff (see Jason Bateman)
Brad Sherwood
Wayne Brady
Ryan Reynolds (see Jason Bateman)
David Tennant (see Jason Bateman)
Still doubt me?

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