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Hostel : Yoschi Hotel Near Mt.Bromo,Probolinggo,Indonesia

By Tobeontheroad
When I was researching the places to stay near Mt.Bromo ,All Travellers were giving their wonderful experiences both positive & negative of staying in Yoschi's Hotel in Probolinggo.I decided to book my stay in this place with beautiful mountains surrounding at it.But when I scheduled the travel with my flight landing at Surabaya from Singapore was pretty late at 11 am in the morning and catching a bus to Probolinggo with 6 hours tiresome journey and then getting ourselves dropped at the Yoschi Hotel will be late in the night.
Yoschi Hostel In Indonesia
Normally I avoid late night check in or travel with my family in any town.As a Traveller I used to take lot of precautions when traveling to a first time visit and that in an unknown country.Even in my own country I do not drive my car after sunsets.So in Indonesia I decided to book a hotel in Probolinggo and then to proceed to Mt.Bromo in the next morning.
Yoschi Hostel In Indonesia
Having done that ,staying in Yosch Hotel had gone out of my mind completely.Burt your wish will be heard by the fairies and will be granted.We were on our way through the winding roads to the early morning sunrise tour from Probolinggo in the wee hours at 3 am.The driver stopped after traveling an hour or so for a coffee break.And I was standing in front of Yoschi Hotel.What a coincidence.Never I would not have made it to this spot from Probolinggo Bus station hiring jeep as very few speak English in this part of Indonesia.The place was fantastic and the inside was very cosy.There were some tourists busy in checking their mails and waiting for the 4 wheel drive to pick them up.Only the I understood that our driver also was supposed to pick up some tourists for the early morning tour.The reception was very nice with lot of tables spread around and one can comfortably seat.The reception guy was boiling water for the steaming coffee.It was very chill outside and the cosy surroundings with the steaming coffee drove all our fatigue away.
Yoschi Hostel In Indonesia
They have all types of accommodation to suit different types of travellers.Unless you have hired a jeep from Surabaya/Yogyakarta  tour operator do not venture into this place at nights.It will be very difficult to locate even though it is on the road to Cemero Lawang but is still far away from it and communication with drivers is impossible.All the area have been decided with Indonesian bamboo style  and the lighting's were very dim.
Yoschi Hostel In Indonesia
The location offers breathtaking with view to the whispering mountains and clouds floating through them.But most of us we just drop in for a quick night sleep and push forward.They arrange the tours and may be a bit expensive compared to the local one.On our return I was able to explore this place quite well.The have a separate pace for taking hot water baths and I really appreciated that.It showed there concern to preserve electricity and help the universe in saving fossil fuel. 
Yoschi Hostel In Indonesia
I could move around many tiny gardens around the hotel and they had put up lot of play things for children to play.You could see much more  photos in my  pinterest page.We had our lunch with their boiled potatoes which were grown locally with cheese and it tasted fantastic.One more point for them is their usage of locally grown products rather than importing from another location.I walked around the town and could see a bus shelter made of Bamboo and really enjoyed the view from there.I shall come and stay here in future having got a discount in their price and taking the tours leisurely.This blog post is the copyright of Reproduction in part or full of this blog post is strictly prohibited.All copy rights are reserved.When you happen to view this blog post in other sites please bring it to the notice of CHANDRAS @[email protected] efforts will be greately appreciated.As always ,all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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