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Horror Grapic Novel Feature: “Severed” by Scott Snyder

Posted on the 03 October 2012 by Appraisingpages @appraisjngpages

We’re pretty big fans of Scott Snyder around here, and we make no secret of our praise for his exciting and dark stories. Today our guest blogger is Jay (you can find him on twitter here) who is featuring one of his graphic novels, the most gritty (in word and art) horror comic out there: Severed.Art and covers by Attila Futaki.


Horror Grapic Novel Feature: “Severed” by Scott Snyder

I grew up loving comic books and still do. The artwork always caught my eye before the story did.
However graphic novels somehow missed my radar for years. When encouraged to read this story, I was amazed that a horror graphic novel series created so many emotions in me as I read each chapter. The cover and artwork is what drew me to Severed initially as well…..however once I picked up the first volume I was hooked by the disturbing and creepy story line.

Lets face it graphic novels are a beautiful genre in literature today. The art in Severed itself is worth the look but added with Snyder and Tuft’s story I couldn’t wait for the next chapter. There will be no spoilers in the review only a plea to check out Severed yourself.

This story line is gory for sure. Set in 1916 around rural New York state and parts in Chicago, creates a theme of danger and foreboding around every corner. Reading each chapter I felt hope, despair, longing and flat out horror woven throughout. I found myself feeling more deeply sickened at times than a slasher movie and yet like a great horror film, the fright in Severed was crafted so smartly that even those feelings of being trapped were exhilarating.

The flashback from the lead character as an older man to when he was a 12 year old boy in an orphanage, is perfectly paced and compelling as the young man searches for his musician father through a perilous pre WW1 United States. He faces an overpowering supernatural threat along with dangers from awful people in the seediest parts of the world

This is a read is an unsettling, hideous nightmare through out. ……and I loved every page of it.

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