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Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and My Experience with Vaccination

By Luphil

I took the first anti-covid19 vaccination 10 days ago. I first wanted to wait with blogging about my experience until I had the second vaccination in mid-May. But yesterday, Sri Kumar gave a text asking to inform this to all groups:
“As regards vaccination: Guidance is sought if we should take the vaccination. Two versions are emerging. One is Yes. The other is No. My view is, it is safer to vaccinate than to stay without. Eliminate Fear and Doubt from mind. Follow the Gov.tal direction of the land. It does not affect the spiritual progress. Master DK also expressed this view during the last pandemic.”

I decided taking the vaccination before and I now decided to write this blog-post, because having sent out the message, I then received mails of members confused or opposing the statement…

Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and my Experience with Vaccination
Extract of the “map” of the University Clinic of Berne “Insel” (island) – at the top the “Institute for Infectuous Diseases”

For the last year I tried to remain an observer as per the whirlpool of information and opinions about what to do with the Covid-19 pandemic. People sent me their thoughts and partly urged me to forward “important info”. I listened and read but didn’t act – and I didn’t add my opinions. I felt like in a hornets’ nest.

All my life, I was a skeptic as per vaccinations, never taking any since after childhood days – until recently. I witnessed a slow change in my attitude. The many pieces of mere information and opinions didn’t really influence me, but exchanges with friends did and the first cases of corona in my close surroundings as well as deaths of near ones of friends due to corona. (For those understanding German, there is an interesting – a bit lengthy – article on “Anthromedics” about questions around Covid19 vaccinations by leading anthroposophical doctors from Germany and Switzerland; see the section: The Process of Vaccination Decision) – the anthroposophists are not known for being vaccination-friendly but here they strongly recommend this vaccination in view of all the more serious short and long term damages done by the virus and its variants.)

Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and my Experience with Vaccination
Queue in front of the vaccination center tent

In January, I had a Skype call with my cousin, a doctor of biology, saying “Of course, I will get myself vaccinated. And of course, it is clear for me as a biologist that every vaccination has side-effects if it is to be effective. The healthy child of close friends became wheelchair dependent since 50 years now and I saw other cases of vaccination injuries. But it is a matter of benefit-risk assessment, and the impact of covid-19 on health in short and long-term perspective is a much more serious toll. And for a biologist it is clear that the more aggressive versions of the virus will quickly outrun the softer ones and further escalate the matter.”

Beginning of December 20, a friend gave me the text of an e-mail she was going to send to Master Kumar expressing her concern about vaccination impact, saying that many doctors are fighting against the big lies and manipulations of those who want to impose the vaccine on us. “It has not been checked enough, but they are in a hurry to implant it. This vaccine has terrible side effects in the body, it causes genetic bad changes and disorders in the cells of the body… and will kill great parts of the population.” And she asked what attitude we should have towards the vaccination. He just answered “Just take the vaccine and get out of all fuss”.

Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and my Experience with Vaccination
Entrance into the vaccination center tent

She felt bad that she had asked but I replied: “You submitted the concern on the basis of the virus discussion going on esp. in the naturopathic / alternative circles. He is looking from a higher perspective. I would have been astonished if he gave another answer and put members into a conflict who want to obey the vaccination, or put them even against legal regulations in their countries. (He also argued against all criticism against the mobiles and radiation, though many scientists warn.) I am sure that by law-abiding, even if it is human law, the karma is not yours but that of the greater whole. Instead, if you go by other considerations – though they seem very right from the plane of mental understanding – it is from this plane only and might not be in accordance with the higher plane. I will wait as per the general development and, in case, take the vaccination, focused on the Plan of the Soul.” These thoughts further germinated in me.

In February, I took the decision to get myself vaccinated – not for my personal safety but because of perceiving the health, social and economic impacts of the pandemic. The impact is a collective matter / karma and I didn’t want to stay aloof but do the related experience through vaccination. On 21 March I could take the first dose in the vaccination center of the university clinic of Berne (no choice between the variants, I got Pfizer/Biontech). In the afternoon and the following day, I felt groggy, for short moments also nauseous. On the second day especially, I felt like having inwardly a gray veil over my awareness and I had difficulties to concentrate and work with complex mental matters. The meditations were hazy. But since the third day, I felt stable again and didn’t witness any disturbing influences. This is now over a week back. I will take the second vaccination on 19 May.

Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and my Experience with Vaccination
Information posters in the entrance area

As a reaction on the information of Sri Kumar, a friend this morning sent me some lines writing: “Good mediums of mine and other great people see that this injection stuff is made to disconnect somehow the person from its soul source. And we are going to see the results quite soon. Really, with all my respect, Master KPK is is not seeing clearly the deal and treat us as sheep when it comes to follow governments that are not for their people! Anyway, free will is at play here!” (It made me think of the urgent warnings in books about not to do any lumbar punctures so as not to disconnect from the soul and lose the memories of the past. I needed to get a lumbar puncture when in hospital with a brain bleeding 2.5 years ago. And I recovered perfectly well.)

I forwarded these and other remarks to Sri Kumar, and he replied: “It’s a suggestion, not a direction. Free Will prevails at all times. I do not prepare sheep. But there [are] sheep too. Every member can decide by himself or herself in all matters.”

I am now beyond the sphere of whether or not – I am willing to stand related personal consequences, as part of my path, of the Path of Experience. And I will continue to collect thrown-away hygiene masks in forests, meadows, or along the roadside to put them into the waste bins during my daily walks.

Hornets’ Nest of Covid-19 Opinions and my Experience with Vaccination

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