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Hoppy New Year

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

The year 2015 is leaving and 2016 is arriving. Hopefully, it will be filled with lots of fun, good fortune, health, wealth and happiness.

For the millions of pet owners and their furry friends who like to bring their dogs with them, you may not know that there are places and stores you may not have considered where you can bring them with you. You do not have to be limited to campgrounds, pet stores, dog parks and hiking trails and beaches.  Expand your horizons and see life from a doggie’s perspective.

Dogs are welcome in many of the places listed below. Just be sure that your doggie is on leash, friendly and well-behaved and you would be amazed to find out how many storekeepers, malls and retail shops will be happy you brought Fido along with you. Faces light up and often times, when they see Cici, they ask if they can pet her, smile, laugh and/or confide that they are missing their dog at home or the one that they just had to put down.


Do It YourSelf Home Improvement Stores

Think Lowe’s, Home Depot, Orchard Supply, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supplies and other such places. Cici and I enjoy getting a scooter cart (in the places that offer them), and while I ride the cart, Cici trots along next to me, getting exercise, attention, and sometimes treats, too. We call it our Zoom, Zoom time. She loves it !

Office Supply Stores

Office Depot, Staples, and other such stores often allow dogs to sniff around as long as they are well-behaved, on leash, and quiet. On occasion, I have sat on their furniture, used their Wifi while Cici sat at my feet, under a desk, and no one asked us to leave. Salespeople might want to know if you are interested in any of their products and if they can help you with anything. But for the most part, we were just fine.We did not spend too much time, maybe half an hour at most.


Cici got so used to getting treats in Oregon at banks (and Carmel), that she thought that they were treat stores. The banks elsewhere were not as welcoming. Just depends upon the branch and bank, I guess. U.S. Bank branches have been very pet friendly. Wells Fargo was iffy. Bank of America? Chase? Check it out. Your pooch loves to be wherever you go and if they can sniff out some extra cash then why not.


We have reviewed numerous pet friendly wineries in various towns such as our very favorite Navarro’s up Highway 128 going to Mendocino and some in Sonoma, Napa and other wine country towns. Some wineries have winery dogs on site and others do not mind if you bring Fido along. They even offer treats and lots of attention.

Camping Equipment stores

Big Five, REI, and other stores are usually happy to have a friendly pooch visit the store while you check out camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs and portable outdoor showers and potties.

Department Stores

Macy’s is one of our favorite stores to visit in the Monterey area, at Del Monte Shopping Center, a big mall. The entire mall is very pet friendly. And there are many malls filled with stores that are pet friendly. Some malls are not open to furry visitors. This list are places that we have also found to be pet friendly:  art stores like Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, computer and electronic stores such as Apple, Mac Superstores, Radio Shack, clothing stores such as Marshall’s, Nordstrom’s, Kohl’s, shoe stores (Cici’s favorite), and linens and bath stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, The Body Shop, Brookstone. If in doubt, Call first.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.31.50 AM

Car Dealerships and Tire Stores

One of the places that Cici has enjoyed treats and attention and water has been at the car dealership. We have spent time in the air conditioning on hot days as well as asked a lot of questions about our car to while our car was being worked on, the service area time seemed to go a lot faster with Cici with me. We find out how things work, how to fix the car and found out about new models. As long as we were well behaved and did not overstay our welcome, everyone enjoyed the canine attention.

Hair Salons

I was surprised when the lady at the hair salon told me that Cici could come inside the store while I got my haircut. I think it was SuperCuts, Great Clips, or Fantastic Sam’s, one of those chains. Your local hairdresser may or may not welcome Fido, just ask to see if it is possible.

Baseball, Softball and other Games

Hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, right. Baseball is one of America’s favorite activity in the summer. Whether it is a stadium where your favorite teams are playing soccer, basketball or the local children’s Little League or high school games, Fido can feel right at home and root/woof for their favorites, too.

Drive-in Movies

You can always watch your favorite movies on TV at home. And there are some rare places with drive-ins where you can watch usually older movies with your furry pal. Popcorn for you. Dog treats for Fido. And everybody is happy.

Flea Markets

Farmers markets usually do not allow dogs, because of the food that is displayed. But flea markets typically offer non-food items such as clothing, jewelry, plants and other items and do allow dogs.

Bars/Restaurants (outdoor patios)

We love Panera’s Bread and they have patios where Cici can sit and drink water from a bowl I bring with me. And there are many other restaurants that allow dogs to sit with their friends as long as they do not bother anyone. Some places in Carmel and other towns/cities even offer a doggie menu.




There are art museums and others that allow dogs to peruse the cultural and creative paintings, photos, sculptures and other offerings. Cici visited an art museum in SLO with me when we went on a press trip a few years ago. And there are pet friendly art museums in Carmel and other towns/citieis.

Amusement Parks

Some of the big attractions, such as Disneyland, SeaWorld and others may not allow dogs or only allow them in some places. Call before you go. And there are local carnivals and fairs where they have rides and games for children that do allow dogs, all members of the family.

There are many other places that you can bring your doggie friends. Keep exploring. And share your favorites with us.

By the way, hotel chains that offer pet friendly amenities and do not charge a fee (and offer decent human accommodation) include LaQuinta Inn and Suites, Best Western, Comfort Inns, Choice Hotels, Ramada, Super 8 and others. These also offer.member reward programs where you can earn free nights with points for money spent. Some of the budget chains have really gone downhill and are not habitable for humans or dogs (Red Roof Inn, Motel 666, etc).  If you find a B&B, hotel, or motel that you enjoy, let us know all about it.

Thanks and Have a Great New Year !!!!

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