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Honesty is the Best Policy

By Ishita Roy @ishitrozel
Honesty is the Best PolicyHonesty is one of the rarest possessions of mankind. Unfortunately we do not know how to preserve it.
A lie may take care of the present but it has no future. When truth is divided, errors multiply. A man may reach the height of the sky by adopting a policy of dishonesty but the mental insecurity and guilty conscience that he has will corrode him inside till the day he dies.
Honesty never goes unrewarded. It may not come first in the race but in the long run,ie, the journey of life it reaps far better benefits - peace , self-respect, dignity and honor to name a few. Such people who are honest and sincere can live a happy life and have mental satisfaction over their job. On a scientific note, people who are happy and contended can live upto five years longer!
Honesty is the Best PolicyIn a country that is infected with the disease of corruption, honesty is the best medicine.
Honesty is the strongest foundation of a relationship. Some say that "white lies" are good as they save a person from a harsh reality. The truth is, they are like little cracks in the building of a relationship. These cracks tend to weaken the whole foundation. They become bigger with time until finally, the other person comes to know of the brutal truth and blames you for hiding it , no matter for what reason.
A bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie. Indeed honesty is the best policy as:
"What is uttered from the heart alone
Will win the hearts of others to your own."

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