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Homemade Turkey Soup

By Ally @allykitchen

Don't throw out the carcass and bones. Yep, the carcass of a turkey is purT gold! This homemade turkey soup will knock your socks off!

Turkey Soup from Leftovers

I'm the queen of leftovers. Reinventing them. Redesigning them. And, rebirthing them into something extraordinary! That's what's happening with turkey soup from leftovers. With the carcass and a little meat, watch the magic happen!

Another great idea for turkey meat leftovers is piccata. Check out this recipe. Simply fabulous! Or how about this French Madame Turkey Sandwich!

One Skillet Easy Turkey Piccata

Turkey Soup Recipes

Homemade turkey soup recipes are no different from chicken soup recipes. What makes a turkey soup explode with flavor and nutrition is working with the carcass and bones. Yes, boiling them and wringing out every last drop of the goodiness in them. There's liquid gold in them thar turkey bones!

Soups with Leftover Turkey

Soups with leftover turkey can be designed with just about anything in them. You can simply clean out your vegetable crisper and use whatever you have in this soup. Now I'm adding some different ingredients, like parsnips. It's fun to try new vegetables. And, if your peeps won't eat these new veggies by themselves, just throw them in a good ol' soup and they'll never know.

Turkey Soup with Wild Rice

I love potatoes in my soup. And, that's why I skipped wild rice and used Yukon gold potatoes. They're just buttery and creamy tasting. The skins are super thin so no need to peel them. Just make sure you scrub them really well and get them clean.

Old Fashioned Turkey Soup

Nothing more comforting than old fashioned turkey soup. And, this soup is how my Mom used to make it back in those hills of West Virginia. Mom never wasted anything. And, I'd watch her boil bones from a birds until they were clean as a whistle. She'd get every last sliver of meat off them. And, she'd make sure the stock we were eating was full of nutrients form the bone marrow.

Turkey Carcass Soup with Barley

Another thing I love in chicken or turkey soup is barley. It's such an earthy grain. But, again, with this soup I chose potatoes as my starch. If you want to swap out potatoes for rice or barley, then no problem. As I always preach to you, my recipes are simply springboard for your ideas and creativity! Now I love me some barley, and this beef barley mushroom soup is a definite must make.

Beef Barley Mushroom Soup

Easy Turkey Soup

This easy turkey soup will feed a crowd. I served with a slaw and hot crusty baguette. It was quite the hit. That baguette is perfect for sopping up all the delicious juices!

homemade turkey soup
homemade turkey soup

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