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Homemade Easy Apple Pie

By Ally @allykitchen
Homemade Easy Apple Pie

An upside down apple pie! And, it's easy! Wowzee! Take a look! Just a few ingredients. And, it's super delicious!

Upside Down Apple Pie Recipe

Alright, upfront before you check the recipe. This is easy. Yes. Just a few ingredients.

The most difficult part of this recipe? Flipping it right side up after it's baked!

With some patience, time and finesse, you'll do it. Ready to move on!

Apple Pie Recipe

Simplicity is what makes this apple pie super delicious. Just a lot of apples. Some warm seasonings.

And, to top it off a crispy crunchy puff pastry crust!

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

Most all of my desserts or sweets, yes, pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, the whole shebang, are pretty darn easy.

That's probably because I never would position myself as a 'baker'. I mean a really accomplished baker.

My creations are delicious, simple, rustic and reflect the happiness of biting into something pretty special.

Pie Crusts

If you want to make your own pie crust or use a refrigerated roll out pie crust, you can surely do so. I've not done this recipe with that type of dough, so I can't guarantee the integrity of the pie when flipped.

If you don't flip the pie, then I know it's going to work perfectly fine! Check out this blackberry upside down pie and the upside down peach pie. Yep, I love upside down pies!

Easy Apple Pie with Puff Pastry

Now puff pastry for me is a lifesaver! My favorite brand is Jus Rol. Why? Well, several reasons.

  • It's got a fabulous flavor and texture.
  • It's in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Not frozen.
  • It comes in one full roll out piece which makes it so much easier than three pieces or frozen dough.
  • It's rolled in parchment paper that makes rolling out, at about room temperature, very easy.

Homemade Easy Apple Pie

There are basically three steps to this recipe:

  • Preparing the apple mixture with spices, lemon juice, and arrowroot.
  • Covering the pie with the pastry dough.
  • Removing the pie from the pan after it's baked.

Easy Quick Apple Pie

Sure hope you try this easy apple pie. It's full of flavor. It screams of Fall. And, it's a recipe that you can swap out fruits, try peaches or other berries, and have more great pies!

And, don't think it's just for sweets, you can make a delicious savory pie with tomatoes. This recipe for an upside down tomato pie even made the cover of Food Network Magazine!

Homemade Easy Apple Pie
Homemade Easy Apple Pie

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