Homecoming and Hope

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Chrryblossomtat2
Welcome friends, to the last day of February. Already there are glorious signs that the world is waking up, that color shall abound once again and we shall be in the arms of nature and her bounteous wisdom. The television is bombarding me with images of pain and anger, real suffering and worry and I am not blinding myself to it, however, for my own well being I need to focus on this beauty, this newness that is all around. I need HOPE.~ Snowdrops and Crocuses ~Snowdrops and Crocuses - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment blog
~ Tulips peeping through ~Tulips peeping through - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment blog
~ Tiny Celeriac seedlings ~Tiny celeriac seedlings  - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment blog
When I think of planting a bulb or seed I think of the many times in my life where I feel as if I were at the bottom of a deep well. Misery is heaped down upon me as shovel loads of soil backfill the hole; I am scared and alone. It takes an unbearable length of time but slowly I overcome yet a new pile of dirt and eventually things work so I am always standing on top of the new soil. Tamping it down under my feet....I raise higher and one day there is my face above the ground level.
This magical world of bulbs and seeds coming to life gives me some hope for happier days ahead, and more importantly, a jolt of joy and hope just for a moment - enough to keep me fighting :)
Printable on Hope - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment blog
I have much to tell you but for now I shall leave you with your new month's poster :) And a sincere wish that you too are taking the time to notice the changes, the new life that is coming into the world. Stop a moment and realize that this is important for our souls, so dark from wintertime.
Homecoming and hope

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