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Home Decor: Table Styling Ideas for the Festive Season

By Rashmi Gopal Rao

With the festive season ringing in, styling the furniture in your home to add a festive zing is one of the easiest ways to add sparkle to your home. As we herald a new season, here are some tips on how you can do up your center and dining table to give your house cheerful vibes.

Sustainable and natural

Given the current times, it is recommended to go in for accessories that are natural and eco-friendly. Locally sourced flowers like mogra, marigold, champa and even baby’s breath plant (Gypsophila) accompanied by candles and existing table runners are a great idea.

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season

You can place potted succulents in various shapes and textures in a galvanized tray to lend a strong visual impact. “Decorating with flowers tends to highlight the overall look of your otherwise mundane table. For a large contemporary table, you can place foraged flowers and branches in a vase to create a stunning yet economical look. Further, fresh evergreen boughs and pinecones are all classic table decoration ideas. For outdoor table decoration, you can beautify it with a sculptural piece of driftwood” says Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP. 

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season
Table setting ideas

A crochet or kantha table cloth or even one that has been reimagined through an old sari, table mats of natural materials like bamboo, handloom cloth or even plantain leaves are yet other eco-friendly ideas.

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season

Styling tips

Home is where the focus is especially in this pandemic year. It is hence time to bring out the silver, polish it and let it speak for you at your center table. “Bring out your silver serve wares. Place the large pieces inwards and the medium-size ones in their periphery.  Set the dining table with mats, quarter plates, dining plates and cutlery from left to right. Place napkins with rings on the plates. You may place a flower on each plate” says Vandana Sarawgi, Head Designer and CEO, SR Artefacts.

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season
Festive tableware

Opt for décor elements in contrast colours to your table. For instance, if your table is dark brown or black then opt for décor items in gold or brass. For tables in white wood, choose elements in bold hues like red, yellow or blue.  For a traditional dark wood dining table, choose a long maroon ikat print table runner and adorn it with brass décor elements. For a contemporary dining table in light brown wood or white wood, opt for a short table runner in pastel colours.  Making use of a tray is a simple trick that can help corral items on a table into one stylish and united presentation which can be a sight to behold for your guests.

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season
Table setting cues

Do it Yourself

It is also the time for you to get creative. Place small aromatic candles in mason jars and embellish the jars with macramé covers for warm, cozy vibes. “Fill a transparent vase with sticks or branches dipped in peppy colours. You can also wrap these sticks with string lights to add some radiance to the space. If you have extra ceramic mugs paint them in bright colours and intriguing designs to create statement décor pieces.  Bring out those empty wine or champagne bottles and splash some vibrant colours on them with a toothbrush. Fill the bottle up with some refreshing flowers for a simple yet chic set up” says Saloni Khosla, Head of Spatial Design, Pepperfry. 

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season
Say it with flowers

Your table is an open canvas, use your imagination and see the magic unfold.

Home Decor: Table styling ideas for the festive season
A simple vignette with flowers

This article was originally published in The Tribune.

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