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Homage To Sweetiepie Ice Cream Restaraunt

By Icecreamed



Oh sweetie pie, how I love you so. No not you. Well yes you, but not you for now. Sweetiepie is my dream restaurant. Its yet another hidden gem I came across since deciding to launch my culinary dream into the world, but just like Heaven on Main, it sadly closed down for now. The reasons remain a mystery really. There was something about a renovation and then they just never opened up the doors again. Well, I’m not complaining! There are definitely a few ideas I would yank right from their repertoire. The NY Times gave them an utterly harsh review (in that discreetly indirect manner they are famous for of course), citing neighborhood snobs who turned their nose at the eccentric decor and overly lavish atmosphere. Geez louise, you would think in NYC of all places, a first-time restaurateur (in this case, socialite owner Julie Daniels Janklow) could get away with being a little over the top, non? I personally have my dream journal decked out with doodles and mini illustrations featuring floor plans for my dream location, and a life size bird cage was definitely included. So Julie and I have that in common, and I am sure neither of us are the first or last to enjoy life size decor. Alice in Wonderland anyone? What’s more…is the menu! For $75 you could have snagged yourself the Sweetiepig, an icebox orgy of sponge cake, mixed berries, bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and five ice cream flavors that comes served in a three foot tall sundae glass, enough for a whole Sex and the City movie after party for your girlfriends. Don’t even get me started on the the entire back room being hand-painted on canvas, the cars, merry-go-rounds, Star Wars characters, the fuchsia-leather banquette, or the pink-marble floor. It’s all very surreal.

And, well, I might not be the niece-in-law of an uber famous NYC socially ranked wealthy family, and may lack the funds to open a rarity like this…say…tomorrow, but I’m thinking I might just find a loft or event space I can partner up with and change the decor from time to time while I host and cater fabulous tea parties. In a non elitist fashion of course. If Sarah Jessica Parker and her son don’t show up, I won’t take it personally (she was a regular patron at Sweetiepie being that she lived next door). So what do you think? Bake sale meets Marie Antoinette is rather cheeky eh? Tell me you wouldn’t die to attend a little soiree in a secret location (rabbit hole) where vintage sliver dining pieces perch quietly next to gold rimmed floral china, where over sized lollipops are both décor and dessert, and where an antique tea cart circles around you carrying an array of peppermint meringues, cakes, cupcakes and sundaes. Do you want an invite?


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