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Holy ##&! This is Crazy. Remix of “The Buzzards” by “u8a22″

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog

Holy ##&! This is Crazy. Remix of “The Buzzards” by “u8a22″This is an original video of one of our favorite and most sophisticated dudettes, Chris. She is a sweetheart but clearly a meth child. If the fist video doesn’t tickle you enough, some sicko made a remix of the original that goes beyond creepy. To the gay rave teens- you may want to hit it before watching this. This video gets seriously non-legit at 1:17. WATCH:

Original “Buzzards Den” Video:

Buzzards Den Remix Video:

The buzzards are definitely flying low
. In fact- after watching this, I’m feel surrounded and I think I’m about to diarrhea.  More videos of Chris.

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