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Holy Knights - Between Daylight and Pain

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Ripplemusic
Holy Knights - Between Daylight and Pain End of the Light Records
Dario Di Matteo - Vocals / Keyboards
Simone Campione - Guitars / Bass
Claudio Florio – Drums
   Now this is symphonic metal at its finest. The first song ripped my ears off and left me wanting more and more. Perfect symmetry in its musical approach and attack. Holy Knights have nailed their sound down tight and solid. The keyboard work alone is stellar, now add in all the other instruments and it is amazing. Production is crisp, clear, and controlled.

   "Wasted Time" is one of the strongest tracks on the disc. I had that song cranking along as I hit the highway. Pure power metal here. The interplay between guitar and keyboards is astounding.
   "Mystery", and "Frozen Paradise", are incredible snapshots of what the band can do. I can only imagine what this sounds and looks like in a live venue. Often we find we these "keyboard" driven bands, that they lack a certain guitar edge or power to propel them above the masses. So many either over drive the keys or hide them and the guitar or both , that we lose the essence of a great power metal act.
   "11 September", and "The turning to Madness" showcase a vocalist who has all the chops for this style of metal. He doesn't overplay his voice. There is a power in there but also a controlled reasoning not to go off into the stratosphere of high notes. He can and does , but here and there. I like his voice. Reminds me of Sonata Artica.
   I like this disc. It moves me and makes me want to drive! Well conceived and executed, this cd is one you must get. The obvious Helloween and Kamelot influences aside, this is one stand out band.
8 horns up on my 10 horns up scale

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