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Holo Foils Splats on My Nails

By Berrycreamie @mhi1106
Holo Foils Splats on my Nails Holo Foils Splats on my Nails Holo Foils Splats on my Nails Holo Foils Splats on my Nails I am no nail-art expert but I do like to give it a try every now and then. Bornprettystore sent me this Fantasy Starry Holo Nail Foils Glitter Transfer Sticker for review purposes. There are lots of designs to choose from that is really pretty.
The holo nail foil pattern that I chose has different colors. It makes a perfect splat effect on my nails. I was also surprised to see how big the foil was in one pack that it could last a month or two. The foil is glossy and really cool.
At first, I thought that it’s hard to use, but it’s really not. For your future reference, here’s a direction on how to use the holo nail foil.

1.   Apply nail base coat 2.   Apply your chosen nail polish color 3.   Wait until it’s dry but tacky 4.   Press on the foil and peel off 5.   Apply top coat (optional)
I really didn't expect that the outcome would be really good. Holo nail foild looks really nice with dark or light nail polish. As you can see, I tried it on dark violet and yellow and the paint splats effect sure is pretty. How many times did I say the word "pretty" on this post? LOL Forgive me for I am having some sort of writer’s block these past few days.

What I noticed is that it comes off easily when washed, so I suggest that you apply a top coat on your nails to make it last longer, and of course, more shiny. 
Anyway, for such a cheap price tag that’s less than a dollar, this holo nail foil really is a steal. And if you’ll use my discount code on your next order at Bornprettystore, then you will get an automatic 10% off on your orders. I am sure that you will find the best design of holo nail foils for your own use.   
Fantasy Starry Holo Nail Foils Glitter Transfer Sticker
Price:  USD0.99
Available at: Bornprettystore
Holo Foils Splats on my Nails
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