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Hollywood A-Lister Mark Ruffalo Backs Solar

Posted on the 22 August 2013 by Ecoexperts @TheEcoExperts

Hollywood A-Lister Mark Ruffalo Backs Solar
HOLLYWOOD superstar Mark Ruffalo has embraced his green side and installed a solar system.

Famed for his roles in The Avengers, Shutter Island and The Kids Are All Right, Gruffalo has followed other green celebrities in embracing solar.

The Incredible Hulk actor has also been publically putting his weight behind a bill in New York giving incentive to solar PV in the city.

A spokesperson from www.theecoexperts.co.uk said: “It is wonderful that yet another person has realised they can make a huge difference to the environment whilst making a solid financial investment. In this case it is even better that it is a famous actor who will have huge public sway.

“We really hope that people look to Mr Ruffalo and also install solar PV panels.”

The actor spoke to The Sullivan County Democrat.

He said he wanted independence from the fossil fuel industry, which he believed dragged countries into wars and the only way to this independence was through renewable energy.

He added: “I feel like we are being had by the fossil fuel industry, which has no real commitment to our community or country.

“I am leasing my 14-kilowatt solar array from a company called Sungevity…This system did not involve huge upfront costs. The great thing about the system is that it can be leased with no upfront money. Most middle class families can get this system without shelling out a huge amount of cash.

“In the past, solar was prohibitive because it cost a large sum of money to put it up. With leasing, they take your monthly fee out of the energy you are saving every month by producing your own energy.

“I will be saving more than $1,200 a year with this system. “

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