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Holiday Wrap up and Welcome to 2014

By Sillymummy @silly_mummy

curly turned 6.jpg

School’s in.
My kid turned 6.
He started Year One.
He will be getting homework, uh-oh.
He now wears a ‘big boy’ uniform.
He has a desk where he keeps his stuff, for the entire year.
He has proper Key Performance Indicators. Pfffft, who doesn’t?
He has to sign a Student ICT Contract that states he won’t watch porn at school. He’s 6, by the way.
Fun, fun, fun!

This is my official welcome to 2014: the year where I’ve just realised that:

I’m officially (well, ‘seriously’ should be the best word) a SCHOOL MUM. What the…?

When did this happen?

School holidays were hectic

It was more like painful. He wanted to go back to school and everyday he asked to. So we booked him into vacation care every two days.

No one told me how to entertain a bored 6 year-old! I tried finding a manual but urgh, they don’t exist.

A mother will always worry

Anyway, we now have to get more serious, no more kidding around. We’re in Year One. Primary school, here we come! Curly has learned so much in 2013, we tried our best to avoid him falling behind his peers and he has come out in a good spot. I’ve been concerned and panicking, though, since the last Individualised Education Plan with the school at the end of 2013.

If you could get into my head during the school holidays

Well, what you’d see would look like this:

Who’s going to give him 1-on-1?
Is he going to cope in Year One?
Oh my poor blog, it’s dormant. Ah well.
Should we put him in public school, they seem to do 1-on-1 there!?!?!?
Oh, no, look, that public school is no longer offering 1-on-1, thank God we didn’t pull him out of his school! Now what?
Blogging… I miss you. Oh, is that a new toy, Curly? Let’s play.
Oh wow, this new teacher is cool, she is awesome, she wants to visit us at home to get to know Curly!
Oh, his OT is running a holiday program to prepare Curly? Oh wow, let’s enrol into that, quick, get him to learn to socialise.
I don’t have time to blog, oh no, school holidays suck. I’m itching to write.
Oh wait, this is fun, let’s go out for a bike ride. Blogging can wait.
Oooh ice cream. What? You want ice cream every 10 minutes now? Geez kid, stop eating, why don’t you learn to ride your new scooter?
Blogging, what’s a blog?
Ooh, thank God school is back. Phew!
Blogging, I have a blog? Let’s blog. Nah, it can wait till next week. I’m too tired.

Anyway, we survived! I mean “I” survived. So we’re back, for a proper blog launch for 2014. We’ll have a competition this week, so if you’d like to win some movie tickets, don’t go too far.

If you have any tips for first time Year One parents, please leave in the comments. Have a good year and do come back for more!

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