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Holiday Wishlist…Part One

By Astylizedhysteria

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with the short break from work. Which I spent sick in bed, but I’m not bitter. Who am I kidding? I’m totally bitter. I always seem to get sick during vacation time. Someone please recommend some hardcore vitamins to boost my immune system!

To keep myself busy while in bed I put together a quickie christmas wishlist. Just in case, you… or some lovely family members are curious!

Holiday Wishlist…Part One

                    1.  World War Z (still can’t believe I haven’t read this yet!)
                    2.  Black Milk ribs dress
                    3.  J.Crew cashmere sweater in fiesta purple
                    4.  Cambridge Satchel Co. 11″ satchel in neon yellow
                    5.  J.Crew Boyfriend signet ring
                    6.  Anthropologie Jagged Cluster Post earrings


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