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Holiday Potpourri

By Ada
What else could I title a a blog post that has both July 4th and Easter stuff in the middle of September? That's one of the cool things about needlepoint,  everything is in season all the time!  

Ruth announced a couple weeks back that my Easter Bunny Collage canvas now has a stitch guide by Julia Snyder herself!  Please, please, someone out there get to stitching this, I am dying for a model to show off!  Just look at those threads, you know know you want to order this kit right now!Holiday Potpourri
Case in point, here is the kit for my Stars N' Stripes canvas that Ruth made a stitch guide for last year.  Several of you succumbed to temptation and got started stitching!Holiday PotpourriAnd now look, I have this fantastic finished model stitched by Catherine to show off to you today:Holiday PotpourriMakes all the difference to see it stitched, right? Always nice to see it finished or framed too, but heck, I'm not picky about that!  Alright, enough nagging, I'll let you get back to stitching now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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