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Holiday Journey, Day 2: Subtle Energies, Garden-Buddha and Talks

By Luphil

The second day of our journey started with a little water ritual in the house of our friends. There had been long talks till late night, so we left a bit later.

Driving through hilly areas of Palatinate we saw beautiful old villages. At noon we stopped at the house of a friend near Saarbrücken. She had been for a visit to our house 3 weeks ago and it was only on a very short notice we decided to include this stop-over on our journey. We had some talks about coaching work and about the quality of rooms: She is living for the moment in the house of her late  parents and she described the work she did for cleaning the subtle space which was filled with quite some old and dark energies of the past.

Many people seem to be unconscious what kind of energies are being built up through our thoughts and habits, and these stay in the subtle realms over long periods. Master Morya in one of the Agni Yoga books even recomments that new cities should better be build on virgin ground….

In the garden we had a look at the vegetables – with a Buddha statue meditating among them ) and cherries (not only a look), greeted some donkeys and horses before we continued our journey.

The highway brought us via Luxembourg – where we had another highway stop in some “no where land”, which reminded us of a motor rest in Southern France, they looked so similar…. – to the house of our next visit, near Brussels. Friends of us have some houses in a little forest where they are living already simce more than 2 decennies, a beautiful and peaceful place. We had our evening meditation together and then a hearty get-together with dinner…


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