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Holiday Journey: A Strange Encounter

By Luphil

Yesterday morning we started for a 3 weeks’ journey to friends and group members in Belgium and Germany. The first stage is near Karlsruhe in Germany. On the highway I had a strange experience:

At noon we made a stop at the motorway rest area near Freiburg. After lunch we had a short nap in the car. Since my wife wanted to sleep a bit longer, she asked me to go out for a short walk. Strolling along the parking area I saw through the bushes the windows of a nearby church. I left the parking, entered the churchyard and saw that it was a burial church, and in the back of it was a cimetary.  At the entrance there was a sandstone relief with the image of another church and a black marble stone with a text below, describing the history of the place: Until the 19th century another church had been at that place, which had been built  1000 years ago, and this church again at the place of a still older church. Over centuries the place had been a little pilgrimage center.

I walked along the graves, some old, some of very recent origin, even some graves from this year. A strange mood filled me. At the end of the graveyard there was an old tombstone saying that in 1856 a lady had been buried there at the age of 73. From “out of the blue” I sudeenly had to sobb intensely. There was no object for this sudden sadness in my mind. I turned away, walked over to the other side of the graveyard. There I stopped in front of a round tombstone with an engraving of a relief of  ivy and two doves kissing each other through some leaves of ivy. There again the sobbing started, together with some feeling of situations I had gone through in the past years.

I went back to the church, it was closed, and the left the graveyard, feeling a relief (strange, the same word as relief…) and a liberation from some old emotions. Some thoughts from the morning meditation came to my mind, and suddenly it made sense to me what I had experienced there. I then entered the parking area again and felt like coming back from another dimension. Some minutes later we continued our journey on the highway.

At the house of my friends near Karlsruhe, this morning after meditation, I told them about my experience. They related of some events they had in their area where there had been some old celtic ritual grounds and burial places, where people were living now and where a number of persons fell sick of cancer. A clairvoyant person came to that place and saw that a number of departed souls had been  hovering around that area which had not found the path to the light. They had done some rituals there to clear the space, and later people living in that reported that they felt much better. Maybe at the graveyard there was also the touch of some out souls hanging around. In any case, the experience carried a deep message to me.

(I couldn’t upload the pic on the laptop of my friends, it will follow later.)

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