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Holiday Italian Pizza

By Ally @allykitchen

Italian Holiday

Grab your glass of vino! You'll feel like you're in Italy as you eat this holiday Italian pizza! Bites of fresh Italian love! Prosciutto ham, basil & more!

Ben and I've traveled the world, and, gosh we miss not jumping on a flight, schlepping through airports, checking into hotels or a place we've rented and just escaping to another culture and cuisine! One of our favorite places is Italy. And, our visits usually are for several weeks. We rent a house with friends and immerse ourselves for several weeks, sometimes nearly a month, in the lifestyle, culture and cuisine.

When we can't do that, especially now with the worldwide pandemic, we have to do the next best thing. Bring Italy and the world to our own kitchen and home. And, that's what I'm doing with this holiday Italian pizza. We've rescheduled our visit for 2021 and will relive memories right here in our nest as we sequester and stay safe!

What is Prosciutto

Prosciutto is cured ham. It's super popular in Italy. Salty and very thin, it's perfect for pizza. Other countries have similar types of ham. For instance, the Spanish call this jamon serrano. In Franc it's known as jambon e bayonne and the Portugese call this ham presunto. Ham actually comes from the pig's hind leg and thigh.

Prosciutto Ham

Oh, if you've never had prosciutto ham, you must! It's not only fabulous on this pizza, but slice a chilled cantelope and wrap it around a slice of this sweet juiciness!

Not only is prosciutto a salty product, it also has a subtle 'sweet' taste. Pinkish in color like salmon, you'll see streaks of fat in the thin slices. Eat it all. It's divine!

Now prosciutto in Italy is ham that's been cured. This ham comes from the hind leg of the pig. It's typically rubbed with salt, maybe spices, then it's cured.

Prosciutto and Cheese

Now nothing's more tasty together than prosciutto and cheese. Think about it, you love ham and cheese, like a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Or maybe ham and cheese on your salad. Well, then you're going to love the mozzarella cheese with this salty sweet ham.

Premade Pizza Dough

When I want a pizza, I want a pizza! And, rather than do take out, delivery or frozen, my go to for my craving is premade pizza dough. No need to turn think you'll get anything less than perfection. Wehther it's a thick crust or thin and crispy, there's a premade dough for you.

Wewalka Pizza Crust

I've discovered that Wewalka has a refrigerated roll out pizza crust that's really perfect for a quick and easy pizza. If you haven't tried the Wewalka products, take a gander. Not only is there pizza dough, but you'll also find puff pastry and pie crusts. Yes, I like shortcuts and conveniences in some of my cooking.

Thin Pizza Crusts

Our family loves thin pizza crusts. I think that's because we get more textural differences when we bit into pizza. You'll get the salty or substance of the meat, whatever protein that is that you might add, the oooeeey gooooeeeness of the melted cheese, then the thin crust gives you that crispy crunchy!

Recipe for Thin Crust Pizza

My recipe for this thin crust pizza is really no fail. There is no way it won't be good unless you mess it up in the cooking process. Yes, if you burn it or have a disaster with your grill.

Use the typical pan that you would for baking pizza in a hot oven. A pizza pan with or without holes. Maybe you have a pizza stone. That works with your grill probably. Check your specifications on it. Then there are grilling pans for pizzas with handles. It doesn't take long and you'll have more smokey hints from the grilling process.

Prosciutto Pizza

Cured ham that has been cooked is known as prosciutto cotto. It is similar to the Spanish jamón serrano, Portuguese presunto, or French Jambon de Bayonne. A ham is made from a pig's hind leg and thigh.

I happen to like a meat on my pizza. It makes it more substantial for me. It also adds some protein that makes the pizza stick to my ribs longer. Delicately rolled prosciutto pieces on this pizza with the mozzarella melting and oozing into it as it grills is a meal for me. Just add a salad!

holiday italian pizza
Tomato Basil Mozzarella Pizza

Now this holiday pizza has tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella on it. As if that's not perfect, we're going to add pesto as well as a few more fresh herbs. Then, of course, you have the proscuitto. Oh, yes, the thin salty sweet Italian ham. And, don't be stingy with the proscuitto. I like at least some on every slice.

Pesto on Pizza

Basil pest on pizza is a perfect base. Of course, if you want to use a tomato sauce with Italian dried herbs, you can do that. But, I like the extra cheesiness of the pesto as well as the basil flavors. Plus, I think the contrast of the vibrant pesto with the heirloom cherry tomatoes and the pink hues of the prosciutto is just like an art canvas. That's part of what I conceptualize when designing recipes. There's always huge consideration for the aesthetics of it once it's cooked. And, when I put this pizza on the table, well, it's like slicing a Picasso!

Pizza Margherita Recipe

As it goes, the 'margherita' pizza was created in honor of the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savo, sometime in the late 19th century. The chef created it with the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomatoes), green (basil) and white (mozzarella). So, as you see, I'm not the only chef who thinks like an artist when designing a recipe! Margherita pizza is classic. Classics last forever. Classics are simple. Classics never disappoint. And, this holiday Italian pizza is just that.

holiday italian pizza
holiday italian pizza

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