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Hockey Puck Night Lights? Yes Please!

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

Many of you may remember that last year September, I got the opportunity to review the Soccer Night Light from 3DLightFX.  I had thought it was such a fun night light and that it would even be perfect for a “man’s room” with three of them placed right over the bar.

The sticker that made the wall look cracked and the design of the light that made the soccer ball look like it was kicked and wedged into the wall completely sold me.  In my review, and in an email to the company, I told them that it would be amazing if they did different types of sports paraphenalia that you could line up – so that maybe you could have a soccer ball, a basket ball and a foot ball or something all in one line – a set of three.

Well 3DLightFX does not disappoint.

They now carry these night lights in different types of sports paraphenalia – and they could not have picked better choices for Canadians!  The 3dlightFX Deco Night Light now comes in not just the soccer ball, but also a basketball, a set of two baseballs or a set of two hockey pucks (go Leafs!  Okay okay I know they suck, but I am a Torontonian  )!  These are perfect for the little (or not so little) sports fanatic in your life, and are super affordable at $19.97 at Walmart in Canada or on

Hockey Puck Night Lights?  Yes please!
I got the opportunity to try the hockey puck light.  I chose this because I have these two nephews in England, where I’m moving in September, who are sports fanatics.  One loves soccer (so guess what he’s getting soon) and one loves hockey (so convenient!).  They’re both getting some decorations for their rooms.

The hockey pucks are a bit different from the soccer ball light.  They still come with the sticker that will help your installation look all the more realistic, and they still look fantastically realistic in appearance.  The hockey pucks come in a realistically sized pair and are directional, whereas the soccer light came as a realistically sized ball but was a general night light rather than directional.  This is not to say that you can’t use the hockey pucks as a general night light, but when it is lit, the light comes out from one side of the puck and points downwards once it is installed.

Of course, this was when my Interior Design trained brain kicked in and thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to flip it so that you have a really cool UP-light in the bedroom?  Unfortunately, the way it is designed, this can’t be done, but I know 3dLightFX listens to their consumers, so maybe just maybe the next set of lights will be multi-directional to help you create awesome shadowing and texture with light on your wall.

Hockey Puck Night Lights?  Yes please!
The hockey pucks seem very durable – I haven’t had any problems (of course I haven’t thrown them off my balcony, but why would you do that?), easy to install, work by remote control and take 3 AAA batteries each.  They use LED lights, so you will not be replacing the bulbs very quickly (FYI – LED means Light Emitting Diode and are usually more expensive bulbs but let out a whiter and purer light and have a longer life span – sorry Interior Design training kicking in again)

The directional light feature of the hockey pucks mean that you can use these lights as task lights as well.  Put them above a light switch so that you can walk into the dark room and find it more easily.  Light up part of a desk so that you can find items quickly and without turning on the overhead lights.  Put it over a night stand or by a bed to have a small, unobtrusive bedside lamp for night time reading.  Yes, together they are bright enough (in my opinion anyway).

All in all, 3DLightFx has done it again and I cannot wait to see what else they come up with!

I can’t wait to give these lights to my nephews – they will adore them.  In fact, when we finally purchase our house, maybe I’ll purchase a few of these to surprise the Luv Luv- what do you think?  A wall of hockey pucks sounds like a born and bred Canadian’s dream doesn’t it?

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