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By Ianbertram @IanBertram

This week's Hobby Lobby decision has taken the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law that almost all people didn't know existed, into the spotlight. The decision, where the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby can't be asked to provide its employees with medical insurance that covered abortifacient drugs, hinged within the obscure 1993 law. hobby lobby coupon codes
Republicans are attempting to produce a Christian Plutocracy, with this court decision, we've seen the fruition of nearly 4 decades of training toward that goal. Sadly, it has absolutely nothing to do with women's rights -- at the least to your politicians. Yes, it'll have real influence on the soil for ladies, that is certainly really bad. But it is not, rather than has become about women. They were just easy targets. It isn't about religion, either. Yes, it's going to have real affect the soil for non-Christians and Christians alike, that is certainly really bad. But it's actually not, and not has become about religion.
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Justice Anthony Kennedy played his usual role because the potential swing vote inside a divided conservative/liberal court. Kennedy apparently told the government's Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who defended the mandate, forcing companies to pay for contraceptives 'would permit requiring profit-making corporations to fund abortions."

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