History of Father's Day Celebration

Posted on the 17 June 2021 by Abhamishra

Father's Day is celebrated all over the world on the third Sunday in June. This day is special for our fathers or paternal figures in our lives, the ones who made a difference in it. Worldwide, on this day, children give gifts to their fathers and show them affection and gratitude for all they have done for them. Likewise, this day is significant for family members, especially single fathers, as this day commemorates their roles in our lives. Like Mother's Day, Children's Day, and Woman's Day, Father's day has become a day to celebrate the people who provide for us, support us, and love us unconditionally. But like all of these days, it has a unique history. 

History of Father's Day Celebration

The Tale Behind Father's Day

Father's Day wasn't always celebrated. Mother's Day was celebrated long before Father's Day. But that later became the inspiration for this day also. 

Mother's Day was celebrated to honor the role of mothers in our lives. However, it wasn't until 1972 that Father's Day officially made it into the picture. This holiday was started by Sonora Smart Dodd and was made to celebrate a day that is "equivalent to Mother's Day for male parents". This Day was first celebrated on 19th June 1910 in the state of Washington, but it wasn't made into an official holiday until President Richard Nixon made it into law in 1972. 

Even though Father's Day was turned into an official holiday in 1972, it initially met with many controversies. American men thought that the day was too sentimental to be celebrated like Mother's Day. Mothers were the matriarch of the family, and a feminine gentle figure, which was not the case of Fathers' The idea of giving flowers and gifts to fathers was scoffed at initially, but later, things changed for the better. 

Today it is celebrated everywhere, not only in the United States of America. People worldwide give Father's Day gifts to their fathers and father figures to commemorate this glorious day. 

What Are Some Gifts To Give on Father's Day

If you are looking for Father's Day gifts, then here are some options that you can choose from:

  1.   Photo Frames:Photo Frames can be amazing gifts to give to fathers on this auspicious day.  Photo frames can help them store memories and think of someone special every time he looks at them. 
  2.   Pen Stand:Pen Stands are not only beautiful, but they are helpful as well. You can get them in your father's favorite colours and patterns as well. They are lovely as Father's Day gifts. 
  3.   Coffee Mugs:Special or customized coffee mugs can be a wonderful gift to give to fathers on this special day. It can also help to express any special messages or feelings through the writings present on them. 


Fathers play a significant role in our lives. One day a year is not enough to show our love, affection, and gratitude. But if you want to do something special for your father, Father's Day is the best opportunity for it. 

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