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His Campaign Has Cash Problems & Trump Is NOT Donating

Posted on the 29 October 2020 by Jobsanger
His Campaign Has Cash problems & Trump Is NOT DonatingThe Trump campaign has a cash problem. Most interesting is that Trump, who said he could self-fund his campaign, has only given a paltry $8000 to the campaign.

Does he expect to lose, and not want to waste his own money on a losing effort?

Here's how NBCnews.com describes Trump's problem:

“Trump’s campaign has $10.1 million booked on television and radio ads between Wednesday and Election Day, compared to Biden’s $50 million.”

“The president can still count on a big assist from the RNC, which is spending another $12.6 million in key swing states like Florida, as well as from outside groups set to spend tens of millions more.”

“But when all aligned outside groups are combined with the campaign’s future spending, Democrats are set to outspend Republicans $109.8 million to $40.7 million on the presidential ad airwaves in the closing days. That’s nearly a 3-to-1 advantage, and it tells you everything you need to know how the political winds are blowing in these final days.”

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