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Hillary on the Run

Posted on the 17 April 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
Hillary Clintonv2Laurie occasionally asks me how it is that I never seem to have writers' block?
My general response is that when you follow the Arab-Israel conflict there is always something horrific going on and, therefore, almost always something to opinionate about.
One of the big news stories over the last few days, however, is Hillary Clinton throwing her hat into the ring... if I may use an old cliché.
One of the things that horrifies me as an American is the prospect of yet another Clinton - Bush presidential fight to the death.  Or perhaps I should not refer to it as a "fight to the death" because the Bush family and the Clinton family never seem to actually go away.
They are like herpes, or something, they just hang on and on and on.
I noticed that on FOX News last night some blonde woman with very big eyes was complaining that Hillary is avoiding the press.  Well, wouldn't you if you were her?  I know that Rand Paul and that other schmuck from Texas have also tossed their own hats, but they have been giving lots of interviews, as has the young Floridian.  But, needless to say, they are endeavoring to introduce themselves to the American people.
We already know Hillary.  That much is certain.
I find it difficult to imagine that I will either vote for, or advocate for, any Democrat anytime in the near future.  And I say this as an almost lifelong Democrat!  However, when the Republican Party really kicks in their Attack Machine on this woman they will do more than anyone else to drive well-meaning people into the arms of Hillary Clinton.
I have a reasonably strong will - which is to say that I can be a remarkably stubborn pain in the ass - so the likelihood of me supporting Clinton is non-existent.  She was Secretary of State under Obama.  If she wants my support she will need to convince me, somehow, that under a Clinton Presidency (Mark II) that the United States will support its allies and oppose its enemies.
This is going to be a very hard sell because after helping to usher the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt, and after the Benghazi disgrace, I am not sure that there is enough beer in the world to bring me around.
In any case, here in the US we have flung ourselves into another campaign season.
Oh, joy.
As it happens, however, I apparently do have writers' block, because I have nothing to say on the matter other than to suggest that the American press is going to turn Hillary's campaign into a ridiculous circus - with Saturday Night Live doing back-flips on the sidelines.
I guess that it is time to break out the popcorn and the cotton candy and the crack cocaine.
Thank G-d baseball season has arrived.
{Now, if it would only rain.}

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