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Highly Useful Arabic Words to Learn Arabic Language

By Tlb
Numbers in arabic language

All of us know that one of the most difficult tasks in terms of language learning is the complexity to learn Arabic language. Yes, this is definitely not a very easy language to learn compared to other foreign languages like Spanish, French, or even Japanese. Aside from the fact that there are honestly fewer language institutions that promote Arabic language learning in comparison to other foreign languages, the language in itself takes a longer process to acquire. This report is honestly not that encouraging, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, a person who is decisive to cross these difficulties will never see the pessimistic side of learning a language. There are so many ways to make the difficulties less difficult, you know. And one of these is to focus on the most useful Arabic words essential to make you learn language easier.

Here are the lists of these words. Care to learn these words one at a time.

  1. Aywa أيوه -.Yes
  2. La لا – No.
  3. Maalesh معلش  – Never mind.
  4. Kaif Haloka(masculine)/Kaif Halakee(feminine) كيف  حالك – How are you?
  5. Min Fadlak/Fadlik ) m/f  من فضلك – Please
  6. Bi-kam? بكم    (How much money?)
  7. Mafeesh flous (I have no money – I can’t increase my offer). مافيش فلوس
  8. Mumkin el-Hisab, min fadlak? (May I have the bill please?) ممكن الحساب، من فضلك؟
  9. Insha’ Allah (God willing) – used with any future term expression. إنشاء الله
  10. Mabrook (Congratulations) – {{You now know top 10 used Arabic words most likely to be used by a visitor}} مبروك

A forum writer posted these top ten helpful Arabic words exclusively for visitors and tourists. As for the reason why these are the useful words, it was not detailed. Nevertheless, it will be very helpful to at least learn these words to start your Arabic language learning, right? It would be great if you already know a few words before formally starting your training in an Arabic language school.

So I hope these words are helpful to you. If you know some basic Arabic words, you are free to post it here. Enjoy!

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