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High Tech Home You Would Love

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Ori @ Re Locals @relocals

Seen below is a list of high tech home equipment and gadgets separated into the ‘Essential’ and ‘Above and Beyond’ you will find devices that are necessary and others which not so much, but that are still fun to have. Follow this guide
to learn how you can redesign your home with new innovative technologies to fit your
basic household needs.

- Living Room

The Essential

Irobot – $500+
The irobot is a new innovative way to help keep your home clean. The motion sensors
lets it move on its and go around obstacles to clean the area. There are also many
different irobots, such as the sponga and roomba, to accommodate for homes with either
tile, hardwood, or carpeted floors.

Nest Thermostat – $250
The Nest Thermostat is a smart home thermostat system that learns your behavior and
adjusts the temperature accordingly. What makes this so great is its wifi capability which
allows it to be controlled remotely through your smart phone or tablet.

Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System – $300
This video security system includes a remote viewing account that allows you to check
while away. It can be set up so that you are sent notifications via email or SMS when
alarm is triggered.

Belkin WeMo Switches – $60
This handy device allows you to control your electrical outlets via the smartphone app.
You no longer have to be afraid of forgetting to unplug your curling iron when leaving
the house.

Feedandgo – $200

This is perfect for every pet lover who can now afford to go on an extended leave without
worrying about not feeding their pet. With this you can feed your pets remotely online.
The feeder had 6 feed trays, so it can potentially last a few days without problem.

LIFX – light bulb – $69
This light bulb allows you to adjust the dimness and brightness through your smartphone.
With these throughout your house you can control the lights without having to go to each
individual room.

KAROTZ smart rabbit – $110
This device connects to your home network wifi. Through it, you can play music, tell
time, read, webcam, and talk, all through the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

The Above and Beyond

LG 3d TV – $1700+
The 3d TV is one of the many new TVs being invented. With the 3d glasses you can now
watch your favorite movies in 3d without having to pay for the theaters. Beyond the 3d
TV there are many other televisions in development to keep a look out for, such as the
new transparent TVs.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell – $50
This DJ doorbell makes the normal doorbell obsolete. Now you can add any music you
want and customize it as well with the wifi features.

Mozayo Pro Series Smart Touch Table, LCD Screen – $7000 – $12000
This table features a touchscreen LCD HD display top. It functions as a television,
computer, and table. You can connect to it through wifi, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet.

- Kitchen

The Essential

Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale – $50
With this you can literally see what is in your food. The scale tells you the nutritional
facts about the food. Being healthy just became a lot easier.

Simple Human Sensor Can – $225
This garbage can senses when you need to throw always something with a wave of your
hand. It also includes something that helps neutralize odor to prevent bad smells. With
this you can insure a more sanitary kitchen space.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser – $99
This dispenser conveniently installs itself under cabinets to save space. Paper dispenses at
the wave of your hand.

Kitchen Power Grommet – $127
The Kitchen Power Grommet is a hidden power strip that ejects from the counter. With
this you no longer have to worry about bulky and aesthetically unpleasing cables and
wires. You can hide the Power Grommet after use, leaving the counters empty and

I-Spray Kitchen Faucets from Aquabrass – $2000
This high tech faucet includes led lights that reflect the temperature of the water. It also
includes a control pad that allows you to control the temperature and flow of the water

Demy Kitchen Safe Touch screen Recipe Reader – $200
You can place this compact gadget anywhere in your kitchen and have full access to any
recipes you want. The wifi capabilities allow for the easy addition of new recipes and it
also conveniently includes a built-in timer and full list of ingredient substitutions.

The Above and Beyond

LG Smart Manager Refrigerator
This are part of the new series of ‘smart’ devices designed by LG. The LG Smart
Refrigerator includes a touch screen pad that allows you to update shopping lists and
inventory. It suggests recipes based on the items in your fridge and even notifies you
when stocks run low through your smartphone. You can even connect it to other ‘smart’
LG products, such as the LG Smart Oven and control cooking time. Over the top?
Perhaps, but innovative nonetheless.

Scanomat TopBrewer – $7000+
This automatic coffee brewer installs onto your countertop. Order café quality coffee
without ever having to go to a store again, through simply your iphone or ipad.

- Bathroom

The Essential

Violight Toothbrush Sanitizers – $35
These are ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizers that work to eliminate 99.99% more germs
than simply rinsing does. They double as a holder, when you place it in after brushing.

itouchless – $160
This is a touchless toilet seat, perfect for those who are sick of having the seat constantly
left up. The itouchless senses when a person is about to sit with its motion sensor, so you
no longer need worry about having to put the seat down.

Withings – Wifi Bodyscale

This wifi bodyscale helps graph and track your progress and even send updates with its
free smartphone app.

The Above and Beyond

ishower – $100
With the ishower you can now sing to your hearts content. You can now stream music
from any device with Bluetooth capabilities.

Moen ioDigital Vertical Spa Digital Shower Control – $1000 – $4000
This high-tech spa and shower system allows you to program your perfect shower. You
can now set your ideal water temperature and water delivery method, with specific spray
outlets and flow levels.

- Bedroom

The Essential

Withings Smart Baby Monitor – $300
This smart baby monitor includes a video device to check on their child. You can even
hook it up to a smartphone or tablet and monitor your child through that.

INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Elegant Night Light – $90
This devices allows you to safely and easily remove insects without the use to harmful
and unhealthy sprays. It attracts and traps insects with its led light and safely stores them
away. It also doubles as a very attractive night light.

The Above and Beyond

High-Tech Beds
These high-tech beds includes an array of incredible features, including playing games,
watching movies, listening to music, and even surfing the internet. There are many
different designs of these outrageous beds, one example is the Hi-Can (High Fidelity
Canopy) which costs up to $60,000.

- Garden/Outdoor

Motion Sensing Deck Light – $35
These motion sensing lights adjusts its brightness when detected. It also includes a switch
that adjusts the brightness and duration. This helps save energy wasted by regular porch

Husqvarna Solar Powered Automatic Lawnmower – $3000

Like the irobot, the Automatic Lawnmower includes sensors that help it avoid obstacles.
The solar power capabilities also makes it energy efficient by allowing it to charge while
cutting grass.

- Garage

The Essential

INSTEON Garage Door Control & Statue kit – $72
With this garage door kit you can control and monitor your garage door via your

Samsung WF457 Washer and Dryer – $1700
These are new wife enabled machines that can be operated via a smartphone app. Now
you don’t have to wait around for you laundry to finishing before loading it into the
dryer, you can simply push a button and it will do it on its own.

The Above and Beyond

Mono/Multi Cardock – $72,000
These are underground car docks, commonly seen in movies, where the car ascends from
underground. Made famous in Europe, due to its need to save space, this is an innovative
way to not only save space, but also show off your nice car.

Amidst today’s technological advances, homeowners are now given a wonderful
opportunity to renovate their home with innovative gadgets, making their daily life just a
little easily and a whole lot more fun. Take advantage of these opportunities to embrace
the new technologies and add your own unique flare to transform your house into a home.

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