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Hey Bro, Nice Hair Cut.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
April 16, 2014


I’m sorry, not sorry, but I hate this kid already.  Sure I feel bad for his father, sure mental illness is nothing to scoff at, but I just won’t accept his illness as a reason why this should all go away.  Instead of thinking up this psychotic plan, why weren’t you by your father’s side as he struggled through stage four cancer?  How bout that?  Maybe you should be looking forward to a bomb free marathon, considering your mom and sister have run the Boston Marathon multiple times.  Sure wouldn’t want something like what happened last year, happen to them if they were running it.  The semester is almost over, brah.  Finish you tests, visit your dad and chill the fuck out.  Don’t fill a backpack with a rice cooker, throw on a black veil and run down Boylston screaming “Boston Strong.”  That’s not the look we’re going for right now or ever for that matter.

Info for this blog was taken from CBS Boston.

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